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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
QC2 U2 Reflexivos Los Verbos Reflexivos Spanish 2022-09-12 SpanishBlack 37 0 edit
QC2 U2 Baño y Comida Bathroom & Meals Vocab Spanish 2022-09-19 SpanishBlack 20 0 edit
QC1 U6: Cuartos Cuartos en la casa Spanish 2020-09-15 SpanishBlack 13 0 edit
QC1 U6: En la cocina en la cocina/ en el comedor Spanish 2022-09-19 SpanishBlack 28 0 edit
QC2 U2 El Cuerpo Body Parts - Spanish Spanish 2022-10-05 SpanishBlack 27 0 edit
QC1 U6 Los Verbos Verbs from U6 Spanish 2020-09-27 SpanishBlack 17 0 edit
QC2 U2 Otras Vocabulario: Otras Expresiones Spanish 2020-10-15 SpanishBlack 22 0 edit
QC1 U6 Boot Verbs Boot Verbs (e-ie) Spanish 2020-10-18 SpanishBlack 12 0 edit
QC2 U4 Los Animales Animales Spanish 2022-09-22 SpanishBlack 27 1 edit
QC1 U8 Verbos unit 8 verbs Spanish 2022-01-24 SpanishBlack 15 1 edit
QC1 U8 Present PROG present progressive practice Spanish 2021-01-20 SpanishBlack 30 0 edit
L2 Ess. Verbs 1-25 Level 2 Essential Verbs 1-25 Spanish 2021-03-12 SpanishBlack 25 1 edit
QC1 U7 Verbos Verbs from Unit 7 Spanish 2021-11-30 SpanishBlack 21 0 edit
QC2 U3 En la ciudad Around the city Spanish 2021-12-01 SpanishBlack 17 0 edit
QC2 U3 Lugares/Verbs Places in the city + Verbs Spanish 2021-12-01 SpanishBlack 45 0 edit
QC1 U7 Weather Weather Expressions & Vocab Spanish 2021-12-13 SpanishBlack 31 0 edit
QC1 U7B Vocab Time Expressions, Deportistas y Más Unfinished 2022-01-03 SpanishBlack 34 0 edit
L3 Verbos Esenciales Essential Verbs Level 3 Spanish 2022-05-09 SpanishBlack 50 0 edit
QC1 U6 Boot Verbs Conjugate the boot verbs Spanish 2022-09-21 SpanishBlack 50 0 edit
QC1 U8 Comida Food & Related Vocab Spanish 2023-01-23 SpanishBlack 49 0 edit
QC2 U4 theme park parque de atracciones Spanish 2023-02-02 SpanishBlack 30 0 edit
QC1 6A En la Cocina En la cocina/en el comedor Spanish 2020-09-23 Sra. Coffman 28 5 edit

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