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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
En la sala de clase In the classroom and school supplies Spanish 2009-11-11 SenoraLocicero 54 0 edit
Presentaciones U1-L1 Greetings and Salutations Spanish 2009-11-11 SenoraLocicero 35 0 edit
U1-L2 Hola Formal vs. Informal Spanish 2009-11-17 SenoraLocicero 26 0 edit
- ar verbs AR verbs used with the first person singular Spanish 2010-03-11 SenoraLocicero 17 0 edit
Fechas Importantes Days of the week, months of the year, and giving a date Spanish 2011-02-15 SenoraLocicero 39 0 edit
Date Importanti Days of the week, months, giving the date in Italian Italian 2011-02-15 SenoraLocicero 40 0 edit
Mi pasaporte Personal Identification Spanish 2011-09-22 SenoraLocicero 72 0 edit
Il mio passaporto Personal Identification Italian 2011-10-03 SenoraLocicero 78 0 edit
Expresiones de clase Education Spanish 2011-10-03 SenoraLocicero 36 0 edit
Espressioni di class Education Italian 2011-10-03 SenoraLocicero 37 0 edit
Nell'aula Classroom objects and school supplies in itlaiano (Education) Italian 2011-10-18 SenoraLocicero 56 0 edit
U1-L1 Presentazioni Greetings and Salutations Italian 2011-11-03 SenoraLocicero 32 0 edit
Quant'è?/I numeri U1-L3 Italiano Italian 2011-12-14 SenoraLocicero 79 0 edit
¿Cuánto es?/Los #'s U1-L3 Spanish Spanish 2011-12-14 SenoraLocicero 77 0 edit
U1-L2 Salve Formal vs. informal Italian 2011-12-19 SenoraLocicero 35 0 edit
La Famiglia La Famiglia Italian 2012-01-19 SenoraLocicero 51 0 edit
La Familia La Familia Spanish 2012-01-19 SenoraLocicero 51 0 edit
La Hora/Telling Time U1-L4 Spanish 2012-01-20 SenoraLocicero 50 0 edit
L'ora/Telling Time U1-L4 italiano Italian 2012-01-20 SenoraLocicero 52 0 edit
Medios de Transporte Medios de Transporte Spanish 2012-02-02 SenoraLocicero 52 0 edit
Mezzi di Trasporto Mezzi di Trasporto Italian 2012-02-15 SenoraLocicero 48 0 edit
Weather ¿Qué tiempo hace? - U1-L6 Spanish 2012-03-12 SenoraLocicero 67 0 edit
Weather Che tempo fa? U1-L6 Italian 2012-03-13 SenoraLocicero 69 0 edit
U2-L1 Conceited (Yo) U2-L1 Conceited (Yo) Spanish 2012-05-01 SenoraLocicero 50 0 edit
U2-L2 Gossip U2-L2 Gossip Spanish 2012-05-01 SenoraLocicero 29 0 edit
U2-L1 Conceited (Io) U2-L1 Conceited (Io) Italian 2012-05-01 SenoraLocicero 49 0 edit
U2-L2 Gossip U2-L2 Gossip (lui/lei/loro) Italian 2012-05-01 SenoraLocicero 26 0 edit
U2-L3 Form vs. Infor Asking a "Do you ___ ?question" Form. vs. Inform. Spanish 2012-05-09 SenoraLocicero 35 0 edit
U2-L3 Form vs. Infor Formal vs. Informal - Asking a "Do you ..." question Italian 2012-05-09 SenoraLocicero 32 0 edit
Números Numbers 0-100 Spanish 2019-11-01 sra. shearer 33 13 edit

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