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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Las Actividades Leisure activity vocabulary Spanish 2021-12-08 SeñoraBailey 39 0 edit
Los deportes Los deportes Spanish 2020-10-22 SeñoraBailey 20 0 edit
Calendar Words Vocabulary for days of the week and months of the year Spanish 2021-10-26 SeñoraBailey 19 0 edit
La Comunidad Places in the Community vocabulary Spanish 2022-02-23 SeñoraBailey 52 0 edit
IR de vacaciones vocabulary related to a trip to the beach or ski resort Spanish 2021-04-27 SeñoraBailey 36 0 edit
El Cuerpo Humano Body Vocabulary and Expressions of how someone feels. Spanish 2021-06-03 SeñoraBailey 37 0 edit
Greetings Beginning of the Year Greetings, Getting to know yous and farewells in Spanish Spanish 2021-10-06 SeñoraBailey 35 0 edit
Los Números 0- 31 Spanish Numbers 0- 31 Spanish 2021-10-26 SeñoraBailey 34 0 edit
Spanish Pronouns/Ser Spanish subject pronouns and the verb ser Spanish 2023-01-30 SeñoraBailey 20 0 edit
Adjectives Spanish adjectives Spanish 2022-11-29 SeñoraBailey 54 0 edit
La familia Family Vocabulary Spanish 2022-12-12 SeñoraBailey 39 0 edit
¿Qué tiempo hace? Weather and season related vocabulary Spanish 2021-12-13 SeñoraBailey 28 0 edit
AR Verbs with School Vocabulary and "ar" verb endings Spanish 2022-04-27 SeñoraBailey 36 0 edit
La Casa, Los Muebles Rooms of the house and some furniture/other items Spanish 2022-02-02 SeñoraBailey 57 0 edit
Clases y Horario Vocabulary to name classes and school periods Spanish 2022-02-23 SeñoraBailey 42 0 edit
Los Objetos De Clase School Vocabulary Spanish 2022-03-07 SeñoraBailey 56 0 edit
La Ropa Clothing and Numbers 100- one million Spanish 2023-04-17 SeñoraBailey 51 0 edit
Specialty Stores Vocabulary relating to types of stores and items Spanish 2022-03-17 SeñoraBailey 73 0 edit
Palabras Importantes Important conversational words and phrases for Spanish class Spanish 2022-03-28 SeñoraBailey 18 0 edit
Table & Prepositions Vocabulary using table setting and prepositions in Spanish Spanish 2022-04-26 SeñoraBailey 31 0 edit
Numbers 0- 100 Numbers 0- 100 Spanish 2022-10-03 SeñoraBailey 51 0 edit
Regular Verbs Regular Verbs Spanish 2022-12-12 SeñoraBailey 40 0 edit
Me Gusta Activities Me Gusta & Activities Spanish 2023-01-04 SeñoraBailey 48 0 edit
Spanish Countries Spanish Countries Spanish 2023-02-07 SeñoraBailey 21 0 edit
Pharmacy & Ilnesses Pharmacy & Ilnesses Spanish 2023-02-13 SeñoraBailey 47 0 edit
Adjectives w/ Estar Adjectives w/ Estar Spanish 2023-03-01 SeñoraBailey 46 0 edit
¿Qué hora es? Vocabulary for telling the time. Spanish 2023-05-11 SeñoraBailey 29 0 edit
Fruta Verdura Bebida Vocabulary to name some fruits, vegetables and Drinks in Spanish Spanish 2023-05-31 SeñoraBailey 42 0 edit

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