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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
smssca8_beatitudes Beatitudes Religion 2008-04-05 SSchantzsca 8 1 edit
smssca8_Jagerstatter Franz Jagerstatter Religion 2008-04-05 SSchantzsca 10 0 edit
People & terms 6.08 Second Semester people to know Religion 2008-06-08 SSchantzsca 12 1 edit
Morality Language of Catholic morality Religion 2008-06-08 SSchantzsca 7 0 edit
Commandments general terminology Religion 2008-06-08 SSchantzsca 9 0 edit
First -Third Comm. Love and Respect God Religion 2008-06-08 SSchantzsca 12 1 edit
Fourth - Tenth Comm. Love and Respect People Religion 2008-06-08 SSchantzsca 5 1 edit
Broken Commandments Sins Religion 2008-06-08 SSchantzsca 14 0 edit
Rwandan hero Immaculee Ilibagiza Religion 2008-06-08 SSchantzsca 13 0 edit
Acts 1-12 adventures Stack #154976 Religion 2008-09-25 SSchantzsca 10 0 edit
Council of Jerusalem Stack #158853 Religion 2008-10-04 SSchantzsca 6 0 edit
Martyrdom One basic info on early persecution Religion 2008-11-02 SSchantzsca 10 0 edit
Perpetua & Felicity Stack #171622 Religion 2008-11-02 SSchantzsca 7 0 edit
Constantine & Helena Stack #181383 Religion 2008-11-30 SSchantzsca 6 0 edit
Emmanuel's Gift film Stack #181384 Religion 2008-11-30 SSchantzsca 6 0 edit

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