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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Federalism Chapter 4 from Magruder's American Government American Government 2018-02-22 PeaceIDABaker 34 1 edit
The Labor Movement Gateway to US History Chapter 5 The Labor Movement U.S. History 2016-11-09 PeaceIDABaker 34 0 edit
Chapter 6 Chapter 6 Cities, Immigrants, and Farmers from Gateway textbook U.S. History 2016-11-29 PeaceIDABaker 41 0 edit
Ch 7 Progressive Era Gatewayto US History Ch 7 Progressive Era U.S. History 2016-12-18 PeaceIDABaker 41 0 edit
Foundations of Gov Foundations of Government Review from Powerpoint American Government 2018-08-27 PeaceIDABaker 42 0 edit
Ch8AmerImperialism Chapter 8 American Imperialism U.S. History 2017-01-18 PeaceIDABaker 35 0 edit
Ch 9 America in WWI Chapter 9 America in World War I Gateway to U.S. History U.S. History 2017-02-10 PeaceIDABaker 34 0 edit
Declaration of Indep Declaration of Independence for US Government American Government 2018-09-10 PeaceIDABaker 28 0 edit
US Gov Art Of Confed Articles of Confederation American Government 2018-09-25 PeaceIDABaker 30 0 edit
Ch 10 Roaring 20s Chapter 10 The Roaring 1920s U.S. History 2017-03-07 PeaceIDABaker 54 0 edit
U.S. Constitution U.S. Constitution Peace American Government 2018-10-29 PeaceIDABaker 58 0 edit
Great Depre&NewDeal Chapter 11 The Great Depression and The New Deal U.S. History 2017-03-21 PeaceIDABaker 28 0 edit
US in WW II Peace Gateway to History Chapter 12 World War II Americas Darkest Hour U.S. History 2017-04-26 PeaceIDABaker 47 0 edit
US HIST EOC Review US History Topics for 11th EOC Review U.S. History 2017-05-11 PeaceIDABaker 163 0 edit
Chapter12Renaissance This is a review of Chapter 12 of the Speilvogel Text European History 2017-08-27 PeaceIDABaker 64 0 edit
US Gov Final US Gov Final Exam Review American Government 2018-12-12 PeaceIDABaker 65 0 edit
What is Econ Ch 1 Chapter 1 Essential Vocab for Understanding Economics Economics 2020-01-29 PeaceIDABaker 40 1 edit
PersonalFinLiteracy Ch19 Personal Financial Literacy Economics 2018-09-25 PeaceIDABaker 46 0 edit
Ch 2 Econ Systems Economic Systems and Decision Making Economics 2018-10-11 PeaceIDABaker 26 0 edit
Ch 3 Amer Free Enter Chapter 3 The American Free Enterprise System Economics 2018-10-28 PeaceIDABaker 22 0 edit
Judicial Review Judicial Review American Government 2018-11-28 PeaceIDABaker 20 0 edit
Ch 4 Demand Chapter 4 Demand Economics 2018-11-26 PeaceIDABaker 20 0 edit
Chapter 5 Supply Chapter 5 Supply Economics 2018-12-12 PeaceIDABaker 28 0 edit
The Presidency Essential Vocab for The Presidency American Government 2019-04-05 PeaceIDABaker 27 0 edit
The Congress Essential Vocab for The Congress American Government 2019-12-18 PeaceIDABaker 38 0 edit

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