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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
ELA Vocab Set #1 Root Word Vocabulary - bi-, du-, un-, mono- Unfinished 2020-09-15 Mr_B 16 0 edit
SS A Nation Divided Events, People and terms related to the splitting of the nation. Unfinished 2020-09-24 Mr_B 10 0 edit
ELA Literary Element ELA Literary Element Unfinished 2020-10-06 Mr_B 14 0 edit
Stargirl Vocabulary Stargirl Vocabulary Unfinished 2020-10-29 Mr_B 25 0 edit
Civil War Leaders Civil War Leaders Unfinished 2020-10-30 Mr_B 18 0 edit
Civil War Battles Civil War Battles Social Studies 2020-10-30 Mr_B 12 0 edit
Civil War Vocabulary Civil War Vocabulary Social Studies 2020-10-30 Mr_B 5 0 edit
Western Expansion Use this stack to prepare for the Western Expansion Unit Test! Unfinished 2020-12-15 Mr_B 18 0 edit
Rise of Cities Test Prep Cars Unfinished 2021-02-25 Mr_B 20 0 edit
American Rev (mr b) American Revolution Military 2021-06-22 Mr_B 12 1 edit
Outside Vocabulary 2 Outside Vocabulary 2 Unfinished 2021-06-24 Mr_B 10 0 edit
Constitution Part #1 Sections 2, 4 and 5 in Unit 1 Unfinished 2021-09-13 Mr_B 18 0 edit
Vocabulary Set #5 Outside Vocabulary Set Five for 8th Grade Unfinished 2021-09-09 Mr_B 10 0 edit
Vocabulary Set #1 Outside Vocabulary Set One for 8th Grade Unfinished 2021-09-09 Mr_B 10 0 edit
Literature Genres Descriptions about different literary genres Unfinished 2021-09-09 Mr_B 12 0 edit
Study Sync Set #1 Vocabulary from the first story we reviewed in Study Sync - Tell Tale Heart Unfinished 2021-09-13 Mr_B 6 0 edit
Study Sync Set #2 Vocabulary from the second story we studied in Study Sync - Monster Unfinished 2021-09-13 Mr_B 6 0 edit
Consitution Unit 8 These words are associated with "We the People" unit #8 Unfinished 2021-09-22 Mr_B 6 0 edit
Constitution Quiz #2 These questions/answers are from the second Constitution quiz! Unfinished 2021-09-30 Mr_B 24 0 edit
Elements of a Story Use to study common elements of a story - theme, character, etc. Unfinished 2021-10-04 Mr_B 23 0 edit
Constitution Quiz #3 These terms and ideas will be the basis for Constitution Quiz #3! Unfinished 2021-10-05 Mr_B 22 0 edit
Constitution Quiz #4 Constitution Quiz #4 Unfinished 2021-10-13 Mr_B 18 0 edit
The Raven The Raven Unfinished 2021-10-21 Mr_B 8 0 edit
Study Sync Set #3 Study Sync Set #3 Unfinished 2021-10-25 Mr_B 10 0 edit
Poe Unit Review Poe Unit Review Unfinished 2021-10-28 Mr_B 15 0 edit
Three Branches Identify the correct branch associated with each position, power or building Unfinished 2021-10-28 Mr_B 30 0 edit
Gothic Conventions Gothic Conventions Unfinished 2021-11-09 Mr_B 10 0 edit

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