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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Requirements of Life Vocabulary for Unit 2- Requirements of Life Biology 2023-11-07 Mr. Helfrich 26 257 edit
Cells Vocabulary for the first part of the Cells unit. Biology 2024-05-09 Mr. Helfrich 21 250 edit
School Analogies Comparing parts of a cell to parts of the school. Biology 2023-11-08 Mr. Helfrich 15 201 edit
Meiosis Meiosis Biology 2023-12-05 Mr. Helfrich 21 94 edit
Classification Vocabulary for Unit 5- Classification and Taxonomy Biology 2022-10-03 Mr. Helfrich 23 82 edit
HBS Set #1 HBS Set #1- Cards from the Human Body Systems (Unit 4) Biology 2024-01-08 Mr. Helfrich 19 251 edit
HBS Set #2 HBS Set #2- Vocabulary about the skeletal, muscular, and integumentary systems. Biology 2024-03-07 Mr. Helfrich 20 260 edit
HBS Set #5 HBS Set #5- Vocabulary about the respiratory and circulatory systems. Biology 2023-12-12 Mr. Helfrich 38 227 edit
HBS Set #3 HBS Set #3- Vocabulary about the digestive and nervous systems Biology 2023-12-20 Mr. Helfrich 31 224 edit
HBS Set #4 HBS Set #4- Vocabulary about the excretory and reproductive systems Biology 2024-01-10 Mr. Helfrich 21 220 edit
HBS Set #6 HBS Set #6- Vocabulary about the endocrine and immune systems Biology 2024-01-17 Mr. Helfrich 27 189 edit
Plants Vocabulary relating to Plants Biology 2024-01-22 Mr. Helfrich 23 249 edit
Gas Exchange Vocabulary about gas exchange. Biology 2024-03-22 Mr. Helfrich 15 251 edit
Genetics Genetics Biology 2024-03-20 Mr. Helfrich 26 264 edit
Unit 7- Evolution Evolution and Natural Selection Biology 2024-06-11 Mr. Helfrich 16 218 edit
Unit 8- Ecology Vocabulary for Unit 10- Ecology Biology 2024-05-16 Mr. Helfrich 28 221 edit
Cyber Security Vocabulary related to Cyber Security Biology 2022-12-08 Mr. Helfrich 12 92 edit
Unit 1- Sci. Method Unit 1- Sci. Method Biology 2024-05-13 Mr. Helfrich 17 209 edit

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