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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Verduras Verduras. Vegetables Spanish 2021-03-09 Learning Spanish 24 1 edit
Periodos de tiempo Periodos de tiempo. Time periods Spanish 2015-11-13 Learning Spanish 15 0 edit
Familia Miembros de la familia. Family members Spanish 2021-03-09 Learning Spanish 38 2 edit
El cuerpo Partes del cuerpo humano. The body Spanish 2015-11-13 Learning Spanish 56 0 edit
Soy + Adj ¿Cómo eres? What are you like? Spanish 2021-08-08 Learning Spanish 78 2 edit
Apariencia Física Descripción física. What do you look like? Spanish 2015-11-13 Learning Spanish 40 0 edit
Estoy + Adj ¿Cómo estas? How are you? Spanish 2015-11-26 Learning Spanish 57 0 edit
Adjetivos (Cosas) Adjetivos para cosas, películas, libros, etc Spanish 2015-11-13 Learning Spanish 32 0 edit
Estado civil Estado civil. Marital Status Spanish 2015-11-13 Learning Spanish 7 0 edit
Ropa ¿Qué llevas puesto? What are you wearing? Spanish 2019-09-02 Learning Spanish 37 1 edit
Profesiones ¿En qué trabajas? / What do you do? Spanish 2015-11-14 Learning Spanish 39 0 edit
Frecuencia ¿Con qué frecuencia...? How often...? Spanish 2016-11-03 Learning Spanish 22 1 edit
Conectores Conectores. Connectives Spanish 2021-05-10 Learning Spanish 84 2 edit
Fruits Fruits. Frutas Spanish 2015-11-14 Learning Spanish 24 0 edit
Ingredientes Ingredientes para cocinar. Ingredients to cook Spanish 2021-03-09 Learning Spanish 54 1 edit
La casa, los muebles Tipos de casa, estancias y muebles. Houses and furnitures Spanish 2015-11-14 Learning Spanish 30 0 edit
Establecimientos Tiendas, instalaciones... Facilities on the street Spanish 2015-11-14 Learning Spanish 47 0 edit
Y8,T1. La familia Clevedon School, vocabulary Y8, Term 1. Members of the family Spanish 2015-12-08 Learning Spanish 23 0 edit
Y8,T1. Apariencia Clevedon School, vocabulary Y8, Term 1. What do you look like? Spanish 2015-11-14 Learning Spanish 11 0 edit
Y8,T1. Personalidad Clevedon School, vocabulary Y8, Term 1. What are you like? Spanish 2021-03-09 Learning Spanish 12 1 edit
Y8,T1. Hobbies Clevedon School, vocabulary Y8, Term 1. What do you like doing? Spanish 2015-11-14 Learning Spanish 12 0 edit
Y8, T1. Los lugares Clevedon School, vocabulary Y8, Term 1. Places Spanish 2015-11-14 Learning Spanish 11 0 edit
En la cocina La cocina, sus muebles y utensilios. The kitchen Spanish 2021-02-16 Learning Spanish 47 1 edit
Los colores, Y7 Los colores Unfinished 2015-11-29 Learning Spanish 11 0 edit
El colegio Y7 Cosas que usas en el colegio Spanish 2015-11-29 Learning Spanish 20 0 edit
Los numeros Los numeros Spanish 2015-12-01 Learning Spanish 44 0 edit

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