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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
DSC Modalities Book Ultrasound Vocabulary Unfinished 2015-06-26 LBazzell 97 3 edit
DSC Shankman Elbow Vocab and Notes from Book Unfinished 2015-06-26 LBazzell 115 3 edit
DSC Shankman Wrist and Hand Book Unfinished 2015-06-23 LBazzell 55 2 edit
DSC Neuro Book Autonomic Nervous System Unfinished 2015-06-23 LBazzell 104 2 edit
DSC Kines Book Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Muscles Unfinished 2015-06-23 LBazzell 58 2 edit
DSC Drug Categories Classification only Unfinished 2015-06-23 LBazzell 61 2 edit
DSC Modalities Book Compression Unfinished 2015-06-25 LBazzell 107 3 edit
DSC Book Kisn & Colb Chapter 11 Unfinished 2015-06-26 LBazzell 11 2 edit
DSC Ortho Notes2 Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical Spine Unfinished 2015-07-04 LBazzell 72 2 edit
DSC Notes2 LBP Unfinished 2015-07-04 LBazzell 3 0 edit
DSC Modalities Lab Practical Review Cold, Heat Massage Unfinished 2015-07-17 LBazzell 58 2 edit
DSC MMT LE prep Unfinished 2015-07-18 LBazzell 87 2 edit
DSC Modalities Book Traction Unfinished 2015-07-26 LBazzell 59 0 edit
DSC Modalities Book Hydrotherapy Unfinished 2015-07-26 LBazzell 14 0 edit
DSC Modalities Book Inflammation Physical Therapy 2017-06-03 LBazzell 96 1 edit
DSC Modalities Book Pain Physical Therapy 2015-08-01 LBazzell 56 0 edit
DSC Modalities Book Tone and Motion Unfinished 2015-08-01 LBazzell 95 0 edit
DSC Patient Care Chapter 11 Wound Care Unfinished 2021-07-02 LBazzell 16 1 edit
DSC Modalities Book E-Stim Chpt 11 Unfinished 2015-08-13 LBazzell 59 0 edit
DSC Modalities Book E-Stim Chpt 12 Unfinished 2015-09-19 LBazzell 22 0 edit
DSC Modalities US Ultrasound Testbank questions Unfinished 2015-06-29 Rosebug 26 2 edit
DSC Modalities Comp. Compression Textbook's Testbank Unfinished 2015-06-29 Rosebug 21 3 edit
DSC Lab Values PTA Drugs Unfinished 2015-08-11 Jerrin2222 34 2 edit

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