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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
WheelChair WheelChair Physical Therapy 2012-10-14 Jamierezek 40 1 edit
Home Health Care Healthcare services provided in home relative to qualifying criteria, payment Unfinished 2012-10-14 Jamierezek 10 0 edit
Prosthetics (PTA) Equipment Unfinished 2012-11-03 Jamierezek 56 0 edit
Ambutation worksheet study questions Unfinished 2012-11-03 Jamierezek 58 0 edit
Prosthetic/gaitdev1 prosthetic gait deviations transtibial Unfinished 2012-11-03 fashyfash44 15 1 edit
prosthetic/gaitdev2 prosthetic gait deviations transfemoral Unfinished 2012-11-03 fashyfash44 23 1 edit
orthotic prosthesis Orthototics and prosthetics Unfinished 2014-03-22 1004344072 26 2 edit
Amputation amputations advanced techniques Unfinished 2012-11-03 fashyfash44 82 1 edit
kinesiology muscles kinesiology muscles Anatomy 2019-07-22 asturr02 50 15 edit
The Gait Cycle The Gait Cycle Physical Therapy 2020-08-07 kaglad 42 62 edit
Shoulder Muscles Origins, Insertions, Actions and Inervations of Shoulder Muscles Physical Therapy 2020-03-02 paro75 21 41 edit
Pediatric Reflexes Primitive Infant Reflexes Physical Therapy 2019-10-07 dogboy2782 30 28 edit
Wound Dressings Wound Dressings Physical Therapy 2019-09-28 lkhaggitt 6 18 edit
Cardiac NPTE: Cardiac (scorebuilders 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-10-07 liz124714 58 27 edit
Integumentary NPTE: Integumentary (scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-10-07 liz124714 156 30 edit
arterial vs venous arterial vs venous Physical Therapy 2019-12-02 bluepunkstar 19 21 edit
rancho los amigos rancho los amigos Physical Therapy 2019-09-15 mchlldrum 20 22 edit
Special Tests NPTE: Special Tests and (+) result indications (scorebuilder 2008) Physical Therapy 2019-10-07 liz124714 74 26 edit
E-STIM E-Stim Review for NPTE Physical Therapy 2019-10-07 575440088 16 23 edit
Musculoskeletal MMT Grading - (PTA Scorebuilders - irongirl) Physical Therapy 2016-12-02 irongirl 12 15 edit
Stack #175203 Wound/Burns Physical Therapy 2019-09-28 adriossa 11 7 edit
Tidbits2 More Picky numbers/parameters to study for NPTAE Physical Therapy 2016-02-07 s1234 43 10 edit
UE Anatomy Brachial Plexus Physical Therapy 2016-02-07 txst fall 2009 12 7 edit
Neuro Exam/Tests NPTE Neuromuscular Physical Therapy 2020-05-28 Jenwithonen 87 29 edit

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