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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Monarchs + Spouses English monarchs and their spouses. History 2017-02-11 GlasgowGal 52 1 edit
Monarchs + Years English monarchs and the years during which they reigned History 2014-08-15 GlasgowGal 66 0 edit
Dynasties English and scottish dynasties and the suchlike History 2014-08-16 GlasgowGal 20 0 edit
Archaeological Times Archaeological periods along with times and places History 2014-08-15 GlasgowGal 18 0 edit
American Presidents American presidents and their time in office History 2014-08-15 GlasgowGal 44 0 edit
Prime Ministers British prime ministers and their time in office History 2014-08-15 GlasgowGal 54 0 edit
Famous Explorers Famous explorers birth year and death year History 2014-08-15 GlasgowGal 6 0 edit
Wars Famous wars and dates History 2016-01-13 GlasgowGal 15 1 edit
Monarchs + Spouses 2 Scottish monarchs and their spouses History 2014-08-16 GlasgowGal 20 0 edit
Monarchs + Years 2 Scottish monarchs and the years in which they reigned History 2014-08-16 GlasgowGal 40 0 edit
Rivers Famous rivers Geography 2014-08-16 GlasgowGal 17 0 edit
Mountains Famous mountains and the countries they're in Geography 2014-08-16 GlasgowGal 10 0 edit
Mountain Ranges Famous mountain ranges Geography 2020-02-18 GlasgowGal 18 1 edit
Bond Fims Bond Films - Bond actor, year, director Miscellaneous 2014-09-09 GlasgowGal 23 0 edit
"50 States/Capitals" "50 States / Capitals" Geography 2023-10-19 trekkienor 50 91 edit
All Countries & Caps All World Countries and Capitals Geography 2021-09-16 jtfrich 193 16 edit

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