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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
comp anat vert hour4 comp anat vert hour4 Biology 2013-04-25 ESPOLADE 55 0 edit
devo review2 devo review2 Biology 2013-03-21 ESPOLADE 13 0 edit
devo test 2 mesoderm and endoderm Anatomy 2013-03-20 ESPOLADE 77 0 edit
Comp anat verts #2 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates test 2 Biology 2013-03-06 ESPOLADE 112 0 edit
Genetics test#2 translation, DNA mutation repair, gene regulation prokaryotes & eukaryotes Genetics 2015-11-05 ESPOLADE 121 3 edit
orgoexam2 Chapters 17,18,19 Chemistry 2016-12-14 ESPOLADE 158 2 edit
literaryperspectiveM authors and titles of studied works Literature 2012-03-02 ESPOLADE 14 0 edit
Genetics test#3 Mitosis, Meiosis, Medellian genetics Genetics 2012-03-27 ESPOLADE 84 0 edit
GENETICS FINAL EXAM mapping in eukaryotes, mapping in phage, sex determination, chromosome mutations Genetics 2012-05-01 ESPOLADE 97 0 edit
Devo final developmental anatomy, von baers laws, protostomes v.s. deuterostomes, etc. Unfinished 2013-05-08 ESPOLADE 42 0 edit
Ornithology T1 test 1 ornithology harbison Unfinished 2013-09-22 ESPOLADE 61 0 edit
soc t1 fuck this stupid sociology bullshit Unfinished 2013-09-24 ESPOLADE 3 0 edit
Short Stories midter Short Stories midter Library Media 2013-10-01 ESPOLADE 10 0 edit
Ornithology T2 Ornithology T2 Unfinished 2013-10-20 ESPOLADE 101 0 edit
OrnithologyT3 birds and shit Unfinished 2013-11-11 ESPOLADE 92 0 edit

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