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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Basics Opioid Slides Barry Basics Opiod Slides Nursing 2017-02-08 Christine.scott1 47 13 edit
Barry NMB Slides Barry NMB slides Nursing 2016-02-13 Christine.scott1 19 10 edit
Pharm1Test2Opioids Pharm1 Test2 Opioids Barry University Pharmacology 2017-07-05 1592042303 123 23 edit
Barry- Monitoring Barry- Monitoring Nursing 2022-07-17 shelbys 69 18 edit
Pharm1Test2Inhale Pharm1 Test2 Inhalationals Barry University Pharmacology 2016-10-13 1592042303 170 17 edit
Pharm1Test3Barb Pharm1 Test3 Barbiturates Barry Pharmacology 2016-10-13 1592042303 72 17 edit
NerveStimulators NerveStimulators Barry Nursing 2016-02-13 1592042303 55 13 edit
Amachine pieces n parts-BARRY Pharmacology 2017-02-12 margbauer 99 12 edit
airway_management intubation_airway_A/P Nursing 2016-02-13 nancychau 20 10 edit
Barry Inhaled Meds Inhaled Meds, kays lecture on passing gas Nursing 2016-02-13 jenbirne69 61 14 edit
TopDrawer Kay's Top Drawer Lecture Barry Pharmacology 2017-02-06 1592042303 239 28 edit
Pharm1Test3Benzo Pharm1Test3Benzo Unfinished 2013-01-26 1592042303 65 10 edit
Patho1Bones Patho1 Bones Barry Anatomy 2019-07-22 1592042303 82 12 edit
LA and Regionals Barry - Local Anesthetics and Regionals Nursing 2017-02-08 Renetta 86 12 edit
barry thermoreg thermoregulation ppt Nursing 2016-10-27 chrisysue7 51 13 edit

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