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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Antibiotics Major classes of antibiotics, treatments, side effects, dosage form, etc Pharmacology 2021-05-12 ChemeketaPHM2021 209 1 edit
Antifungals Antifungal Medications Pharmacology 2021-05-04 ChemeketaPHM2021 58 1 edit
Antivirals Antiviral medications Pharmacology 2024-07-10 ChemeketaPHM2021 88 1 edit
Immunizations Immunizations Pharmacology 2021-05-04 ChemeketaPHM2021 33 1 edit
SIG Codes SIG codes Pharmacology 2021-04-22 ChemeketaPHM2021 91 0 edit
Q&A Antibiotics quiz type questions on antibiotic classes Pharmacology 2021-04-22 ChemeketaPHM2021 29 0 edit
Q & A Antibiotics Q&A Pharmacology 2021-04-23 ChemeketaPHM2021 47 0 edit
PHM115 Insurance CH 8 Healthcare and Prescription Drug Insurance Pharmacology 2021-05-04 ChemeketaPHM2021 66 1 edit
Drug names/classes PHM230 Definitions Pharmacology 2021-05-31 ChemeketaPHM2021 150 1 edit
GI System & Drugs PHM 230 GI System Pharmacology 2021-05-04 ChemeketaPHM2021 45 1 edit
PHM230 Respiratory Respiratory System, Disorders, Drugs, Pharmacology 2021-05-02 ChemeketaPHM2021 49 0 edit
Pain Management Anesthetics and Narcotics (Nervous System and Pain Management) Pharmacology 2021-05-11 ChemeketaPHM2021 55 1 edit
Medication Endings Common medication endings for drug classes Pharmacology 2021-05-19 ChemeketaPHM2021 41 0 edit
Drug Classifications Common drug classifications and what they do Pharmacology 2021-05-11 ChemeketaPHM2021 15 0 edit
anti psychotics etc. Anti Depressants Anti Anxiety Anti Psychotics-Psychotropics Pharmacology 2022-05-25 ChemeketaPHM2021 50 1 edit
Routes of Administra PHM 230 Week 7 Pharmacology 2021-05-15 ChemeketaPHM2021 47 1 edit
PHM231 CH 8 Central Nervous System Disorders and Drugs Pharmacology 2021-05-17 ChemeketaPHM2021 46 0 edit
History of Drugs Evolution and History of Medicinal Drugs Pharmacology 2021-05-19 ChemeketaPHM2021 37 0 edit
Definitions Key Definitions for Pharmacology Pharmacology 2021-05-19 ChemeketaPHM2021 17 0 edit
CNS Disorders and Drugs Pharmacology 2021-05-27 ChemeketaPHM2021 26 0 edit
Respiratory Drugs PHM232 Ch 9 Pharmacology 2021-07-28 ChemeketaPHM2021 53 0 edit
Cardio-Renal System and Drugs Pharmacology 2021-07-20 ChemeketaPHM2021 6 0 edit

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