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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Word Roots Set 1 Word Roots Set 1 Unfinished 2015-08-10 05sirchr 13 0 edit
Word Roots 2 Word Roots 2 Unfinished 2015-08-22 05sirchr 19 0 edit
S8P1.a Distinguish between atoms and molecules Physical Science 2015-09-08 05sirchr 10 0 edit
Unit 1 Vocabulary Chapter1,2,3 Unfinished 2015-09-09 05sirchr 82 0 edit
Word Roots Set 3 Word Roots Set 3 Unfinished 2015-09-08 05sirchr 20 0 edit
S8P1.c Describe the movement of particles in solids, liquids, gases, and plasma states Physical Science 2015-09-09 05sirchr 11 0 edit
S8P1.b Describe the difference between pure substances (e and c) and mixtures Physical Science 2015-09-09 05sirchr 6 0 edit
S8P1.d Distinguish between physical and chemical properties of matter Physical Science 2015-09-09 05sirchr 3 0 edit
S8P1.e Distinguish between changes in matter as physical or chemical Physical Science 2015-09-15 05sirchr 5 0 edit
S8P1.f Recognize that there are more than 100 elements and some have similar properties Physical Science 2015-09-09 05sirchr 7 0 edit
S8P1.g Identify and demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Matter Physical Science 2015-09-09 05sirchr 4 0 edit
Word Roots Set 6 Word Roots Set 6 Unfinished 2015-10-22 05sirchr 19 0 edit
S8P2.a Explain energy transformation in terms of the Law of Conservation of Energy Physical Science 2015-10-29 05sirchr 1 0 edit
S8P2.b Explain the relationship between potential and kinetic energy Physical Science 2015-10-29 05sirchr 4 0 edit
S8P2.c Compare and Contrast the different forms of energy and their characteristics Physical Science 2015-10-29 05sirchr 10 0 edit
S8P2.d Describe how heat can be transferred through matter by the collision if atoms Physical Science 2015-10-29 05sirchr 4 0 edit
Word Roots 7 Word Roots 7 Unfinished 2015-11-09 05sirchr 17 0 edit
Set 8 Word Roots Set 8 Word Roots Unfinished 2015-11-30 05sirchr 18 0 edit
Set 9 Roots Set 9 Roots Unfinished 2016-01-08 05sirchr 18 0 edit
Word Roots 10 Word Roots 10 Unfinished 2016-01-25 05sirchr 19 0 edit
Set 11 Roots Set 11 Roots Unfinished 2016-02-09 05sirchr 19 0 edit
S8P3.a demonstrate the relationship between velocity and acceleration Physical Science 2016-02-18 05sirchr 6 0 edit
S8P3.b demonstrate the effect of balanced/unbalanced forces on an object b/c of gravity Physical Science 2016-02-18 05sirchr 6 0 edit
S8P3.c demonstrate the effect of simple machines on work Physical Science 2016-02-18 05sirchr 8 0 edit

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