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Giving Directions in Spanish-- getting places

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

that's all   eso es todo  
almost   casi  
to arrive   llegar  
at   a  
avenue   avenida  
before   antes  
below   debajo  
between   entre  
to continue   continuar  
corner (street)   esquina  
to cross   cruzar  
far   lejos  
fifth   quinto  
first   primero  
to follow   seguir  
to go   ir  
to go back   regresar  
to go on   continuar  
to go out, to exit   salir  
if   si  
immediately   immediatamente  
library   biblioteca  
to the left   a la izquierda  
office   oficina  
at once   en seguida  
post office   correo  
store   tienda  
street   calle  
south   sur  
one way street   vía única  
school   escuela  
side   lado  
gas station   puesto de gasolina  
straight   derecho  
to turn around   volverse dar vuelta  


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Created by: B rhee