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Using Combining Capacities to Build simple Molecules

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Metal (combining capacity)
Non-Metal (combining capacity)
Name of compound
silver (1)   oxygen (2)   silver oxide   Ag2O  
zinc (2)   chlorine (1)   zinc chloride   ZnCl2  
lithium (1)   chlorine (1)   lithium chloride   LiCl  
lithium (1)   bromine (1)   lithium bromide   LiBr  
lithium (1)   oxygen (2)   lithium oxide   Li2O  
lithium (1)   phosphorus (3)   lithium phosphide   Li3P  
lithium (1)   sulfur (2)   lithium sulfide   Li2S  
sodium (1)   fluorine (1)   sodium fluoride   NaF  
sodium (1)   nitrogen (3)   sodium nitride   Na3N  
sodium (1)   oxygen (2)   sodium oxide   Na2O  
sodium (1)   sulfur (2)   sodium sulfide   Na2S  
potassium (1)   iodine (1)   potassium iodide   KI  
potassium (1)   sulfur (2)   potassium sulfide   K2S  
beryllium (2)   fluorine (1)   beryllium fluoride   BeF2  
beryllium (2)   carbon (4)   beryllium carbide   Be2C  
beryllium (2)   oxygen (2)   beryllium oxide   BeO  
calcium (2)   sulfur (2)   calcium sulfide   CaS  
calcium (2)   phosphorus (3)   calcium phosphide   Ca3P2  
magnesium (2)   nitrogen (3)   magnesium nitride   Mg3N2  
magnesium (2)   oxygen (2)   magnesium oxide   MgO  
magnesium (2)   chlorine (1)   magnesium chloride   MgCl2  
iron (3)   sulfur (2)   iron sulfide   Fe2S3  
aluminum (3)   nitrogen (3)   aluminum nitride   AlN  
aluminum (3)   oxygen (2)   aluminum oxide   Al2O3  
aluminum (3)   iodine (1)   aluminum iodide   AlI3  
aluminum (3)   fluorine (1)   aluminum fluoride   AlF3  
zinc (2)   sulfur (2)   zinc sulfide   ZnS  
zinc (2)   bromine (1)   zinc bromide   ZnBr2  
silver (1)   chlorine (1)   silver chloride   AgCl  
silver (1)   carbon (4)   silver carbide   Ag4C  
silver (1)   nitrogen (3)   silver nitride   Ag3N  
copper (2)   chlorine (1)   copper chloride   CuCl2  


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Created by: mrohrling