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groups of the periodic table

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Halogens: group number and description   group #17, most reactive non-metals, medicinal qualities  
Alkali Metals: group number and description   group #1, most reactive, shiny, silver, soft, compounds in nature  
Alkaline Earth Metals: group number and description   group #2, fairly reactive, shiny, silvery, strong, burns bright (used in fireworks)  
Metals: where on periodic table and description   left of staircase, conduct electricity, very lustrous  
Non-Metals: where on periodic table and description   right side of staircase, insulators  
Metalloids: where on periodic table and description   found along the "staircase", both metallic and non-metallic  
Actinide Series: description   manmade and radioactive  
Lanthanide Series: description   super conductors, less production, and found in lasers  
Transition Metals: group numbers and description   group #2, bond with many different elements  
Hydrogen "group of 1": description   non-metal, highly flammable, reacts with alkali metals and halogens  
Noble Gases: group number and description   group #18, stable (unreactive), no colour, taste, odour  
Groups (columns)   up and down, 18 groups  
Periods (rows)   left to right, 7 periods  


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Created by: mjansen