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Chemistry Vocabul.

Chem Vocab Mortuary Science

Question Answer
Matter is anything that possesses mass & occupies space
Nature Of Matter consist of three things (1) composition (2) forces (3) properties
Chem is the study of matter and the changes matter undergoes.
Physical change one that does not cause a change in the chemical composition of a material.
A common physical change The melting of ice.
Chemical changes Those that result in the formation of new substances.
Common Chemical change Decomposition of liquid water.
Energy The ability to do work and is divided into kinetic and potential energy.
Kinetic energy energy of motion
Potential energy energy that is inherent to a system before an act or process occurs.
An important form of potential energy is Chemical energy, which is stored in substances and released during chemical reactions.
Divisions of Chemisrty Inorganic, organic, & biochemistry
inorganic Chemistry The study of compounds usually containing elements other than carbon, especially minerals found in earth.
Organic Chemistry The study of certain carbon compounds
Biochemistry The study of compounds produced by living organisms
Embalming Chemistry The study of those types of matter and changes in matter related to the disinfection and preservation of a human remains. Certain aspects of all three of the major divisios of chemisrty are incorprated into embalming chemistry.
Thanatochemisrty is the study of those physical and chemical changes in the human body that are caused by the process of death.
Thanatos Comes from the greek meaning "Death"
International System of Units The standard set of units used by all scientist. (Metric system) (SI units)
Standard unit of length meter (m)
Standard unit of volume liter (L)
Standard unit of mass kilogram (kg)
standard unit of heat calorie (cal)
Calorie is defined as the quantity of heaat necessary to raise the tempeture of 1 gram of water 1 degree celcius at 15 degrees celsius.
1 kcal=1000 cal= 1 cal
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