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US History

Final Exam Review

What was the half-way covenant? It allowed partial membership to the church for the children and grandchildren of the original Puritans.
Why was the House of Burgesses so important? It was the first representative form of government in the Americas.
Why did the Puritans come to America? They came to America in search of religious freedom.
What was the Middle Passage? It was the term used to describe the boat ride from Africa to America for slaves. Many of the slaves died before they even got to America because of the harsh conditions.
What was the role of the colonies in the mercantilist system? The role of the colonies was to provide England with raw materials and to buy the finished products from England.
What was the Great Awakening? The religious movement that took place in the northern colonies during the 1700’s. The feeling was that people had moved away from God so they had a series of religious revivals to get the focus back on God.
List some reasons why slaves were brought from Africa to work in the colonies. They were immune to most diseases, they already were excellent farmers, and weren’t likely to run because they didn’t know the area. If they did run, they would stand out because of their skin color being different from the colonists.
Who was Thomas Paine and what ideas did he support? Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called “Common Sense” which encouraged people to break away from England.
What was the significance of the Proclamation of 1763? It stated that the colonists couldn’t settle in any areas to the West of the Appalachian Mountains. This was put in place to stop fighting with the Indians in the West. Many colonists ignored it.
Why is the French & Indian War so significant in our country's history? It established which country would control the Eastern part of the United States (England).
In what famous battle did Washington cross the Delaware and win a major victory for the Americans? Battle of Trenton
Name two political philosophers whose ideas helped influence our founding fathers? John Locke & Montesquieu
Why was the American victory at Saratoga such a turning point in the American Revolution? It convinced the French to join the war and help the Americans defeat England.
Why were the Articles of Confederation considered to be "weak?" It gave little to no power to the federal government, only had one branch of government, and had no ability to tax.
What was the main result of Shay's Rebellion? It convinced people that the Articles of Confederation was to weak and that they would need a stronger national government.
What were the main points of the Great Compromise? It created a two house legislature. In the House of Representatives, the seats would be based on a state’s population. In the Senate, all states would have the same number of representatives.
What were the key beliefs of Thomas Jefferson and the anti-federalists? They wanted the states to have most of the power because they feared a strong national government.
What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine? President Monroe wanted to make it clear that the US would control “The Americas.” Europe could keep any lands in the Americas that they already had but we would not allow them to take over any more.
What were the long term effects of the Erie Canal? It caused New York’s economy to grow and many cities were established along the canal.
What were the causes of the War of 1812? The US thought that England was encouraging many of the Native American attacks that were taking place and they didn’t like it. Second, England was stopping American ships and forcing the people into military service for them (impressment).
What does the term "Manifest Destiny" mean? The idea that the United States had the god given right to expand its borders across North America.
Who were some of the key figures in helping women get the right to vote? Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott
How did Eli Whitney's cotton gin lead to more slaves being brought over from Africa? It produced cotton at a faster rate and thus the demand went up on the cotton. As the demand for cotton went up, there was a need for more slaves to help pick it.
Why was slavery such a heated issue in the 1800's? The North was against slavery and the South was for it based on their individual situations. Both groups were fighting over the power to determine whether new territories added to the US would be allowed to have slaves or not.
Why did the Northern leaders oppose the annexation of Texas? The North didn’t want to annex Texas because they feared it would add one more slave state to the South and give them more power.
What was the name given to people like William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas who opposed slavery? Abolitionists
What did the Supreme Court rule in the Dred Scott decision? The court ruled that Dred Scott wasn’t a citizen and thus didn’t have the right to sue. They also ruled that just because he went into a state that was “free” it didn’t mean that he was “free.”
At what famous battle did Union forces lay siege to the city and confederate forces were down to eating animals and whatever else they could find? Battle of Vicksburg
How did Sherman's victory in Atlanta effect the election of 1864? It assured people in the North that victory was close and gave Lincoln the support he needed to get re-elected.
Why did Lincoln suspend people's rights in the border states during the civil war? He took away people’s right in the border states because he feared losing them to the South. In order to prevent this, he put some states under martial law and suspended the writ of habeas corpus.
What was the main reason why President Johnson was impeached? He was brought up on impeachment charges because of a violation of the Tenure of Office Act.
What amendment banned slavery in the US? 13th
What amendment gave African Americans the right to vote? 15th
How was Rockefeller able to gain control of the oil industry? He created a trust to put everything under.
What immigrant groups are famous for helping build our nation's railroads? Irish and Chinese
What is Thomas Edison famous for inventing? Light bulb, phonograph, and motion pictures
What was the name of the immigration processing station in San Francisco? Angel Island
What is Samuel Gompers famous for doing? He created the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
How did the US treat Native Americans living on the frontier? The United States used their military to take the Native American lands and then relocated the Native Americans to lands in the West.
What is Jane Addams famous for doing? She created the Hull House to help immigrants who entered the US
What does the term referendum mean? It is when voters have the ability to vote for or against an initiative that has been brought before them.
What issue did Upton Sinclair's book "The Jungle" bring attention to? Sinclair’s book brought attention to bad things that were happening in the meat packing industry.
What did the Roosevelt Corollary state? It stated that the US would intervene when necessary to protect its lands in the Americas.
Why did Teddy Roosevelt support the revolution going on in Panama? Roosevelt wanted to build the Panama Canal and the revolution would help him get it.
What territories did the US gain as a result of the Spanish-American War? Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.
What was the Great Migration? The movement of African-American to the North in the 1920’s to look for new opportunities.
What factors led to the US entering WWI? Sinking of the Lusitania, Zimmerman note, and the use of unrestricted submarine warfare by the Germans
What were the results of the Espionage and Sedition Act? The Espionage Act made it illegal to interfere with the draft. The Sedition Act made it illegal to say anything negative about the government.
What was the "Red Scare?" It was the period during the 1920’s where America was scared of communism spreading to the US. It led to the US restricting immigration from certain countries to try and contain it.
What was Henry Ford famous for? Henry Ford was famous for revolutionizing the assembly line process and mass producing automobiles.
Who was Irvin Berlin? Irvin Berlin was a singer/songwriter who is famous for writing “White Christmas.” He was part of a group of musicians who were part of a group that people referred to as Tin Pan Alley.
What were the causes of the Great Depression? Overproduction, consumers buying less, people over-extending themselves on credit, and the stock market crash were all causes of the Great Depression.
What happened in the Dust Bowl? Name given to a period between 1930’s-40’s where high winds uprooted soil in the Midwest and devastated farmers in that region.
What were the "Hoovervilles?" Name given to make-shift shelters made from whatever people could find in the Great Depression. They were named after President Hoover as a means of mocking him for doing little to help end the Depression.
What was the TVA? The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was one of the major programs under FDR’s “New Deal” plan. Hydro-electric plants provided cheap electricity to people in the region and aided farmers.
What effect did the Wagner Act have on unions? The Wagner Act allowed unions to collectively bargain and use “close shops.” These two things helped unions really become a driving force in America.
What group of people benefited from FDR's Social Security Act? People over 65 benefited the most for FDR’s Social Security Act.
What was the Manhattan Project? It was the code name for the building of the atomic bomb.
What was the US reaction to the bombing of Pearl Harbor? The US immediately declared war on Japan after being bombed at Pearl Harbor.
What was McCarthyism? It was a period in the 1950’s where Senator Joseph McCarthy accused high ranking officials of being Communists. It led to a massive “witch hunt” for communists in America before McCarthy was finally silenced.
What were the main points of the Truman Doctrine? It stated that the US would come to the aid of any country trying to fight off communism. Our goal was to not let any more countries become communist (containment).
What effect did the Tet Offensive have on the Vietnam War? It proved the American public that the war in Vietnam was not close to being over and led to many protests against the war.
How did the US respond to the Russians beating them into space with Sputnik? The US responded by forming NASA to help build our space program. Math and science were pushed heavily in the schools at that time as well.
What were Levittowns? Name given to planned communities developed by William Levitt.
What was the first presidential debate shown on TV? The Kennedy-Nixon debate was the first presidential debate shown on TV.
What was MLK trying to achieve in his Letter from Birmingham Jail? He was trying to make the point that he would not sit back and just hope for change. He would be active in making progress but in a non-violent way.
What did the Supreme Court rule in the case of Brown vs. Board of Education? It ruled that segregation in public places was illegal and thus overturned the verdict in Plessy vs. Ferguson.
What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 establish? Made it illegal to give people literacy tests in order to vote.
What was the significance of the Miranda court case? Ruled that police must inform people of their rights at the time of an arrest.
What medical program for the elderly people was established as part of LBJ's Great Society Program? Social Security
What is Rachel Carson famous for doing? She helped start the modern day environmental movement. She wrote the book “Silent Spring.”
Who was the leader of the United Farm workers in California who fought for better working conditions and wages for migrant workers? Caesar Chavez
What major world event did President Jimmy Carter get criticized for his handling of? Iran Hostage Crisis
What was Ronald Reagan's view on the role of government while he was President? He believed that role of the government was to stay out of the economy and let the free market dictate things.
What landmark court case established the right for women to have an abortion? Roe vs. Wade
What presidential election was the closest in US History and came down to the votes in Florida? 2000 Presidential Election
Why was "Watergate" so significant? It led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.
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