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Ms Joyner - fam. law Word Scramble


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Ms Joyner - fam. law

Family violence

elder abuse Mistreatment, in any form, of older people.
neglect Not taking proper care of someone in your care; this could be a child, an elderly person, or even a spouse.
child abuse mistreatment of a child of a sexual, physical, or emotional nature; battering; beating; hurting.
sexual abuse this occurs when someone uses another person for sexual reasons; it is usually an adult who uses a child this way, but not always
spouse abuse mistreating a person you are married to; the meaning has been enlarged to include boyfriends and girlfriends; it is also generally called battering.
incest sexual relationship with a member of the family.
child welfare agency government office that looks after the health or well-being of children.
foster parenting care from someone other than the natural parents.
injunction a court order to stop a particular activity, such as harassment.
hotline toll-free telephone number people can call for assistance of a certain kind.
Restitution when a criminal has to repay the victim as part of his/her sentence.
compensation when the government helps a victim replace his/her losses due to a crime
The Habeas Law a law in CA that states a woman's history of abuse can be considered at trial when she has committed a crime against her abuser.
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