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Odd Even Integers Word Scramble


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Odd Even Integers

Operations with Odd/Even Integers

Odd + -Odd Even
Even + - Even Even
Even = - Odd Odd
Even X Even Even 6X4=24
Odd X Even Even 7X2=14
Even X Odd Even 8X1=8
Odd X Odd Odd 3X5=15
Odd/Even Neither 5/4=1.25
Even /Even Even 8/2=4 Odd 18/2=9 Neither 6/16=.375
Even /Odd Even 24/3=8 Neither 21/15=1.4
Odd/Odd Odd 15/3=5 Neither 13/5=2.6
Created by: wonder1man on 2011-10-15

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