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Grammar Def Word Scramble


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Grammar Def

My grammar test

Subject answers WHO? or WHAT? before the verb: MARY works in that store.(who works? Mary)
Object of Prepostion Answers WHOM? or WHAT? after a preposition: I mailed a letter to HER.(for whom? Her)
Direct Object Answers WHOM? or WHAT? after the verb: A mean boy kicked my DOG.((kicked what? dog)
Indirect Object Tells TO WHOM or FOR WHOM something was done without using TO or FOR; between verb and direct object: I loaned HER my book(to whom did I loan my book? her
Subjective Complement AKA Predicate Nominative or Predicate Adjective follows linking verb and renames or descrives subject: My best friends are MARY and SHE.(frineds=Mary and she)
Appositive follows nouns, renames noun, set off with commas: I went for a walk with ROVER, my dog.(Rover=dog)
Objective Complement follows and remanses or describes direct object: they named the baby MARY.(baby=Mary)
Noun of Direct Address calls someone bvy name=set off with commas: come here, dog. (dog being called)
Adverbial Noun noun which answers adverb question: He arrived this MORNING.(arrived when?..morning)
Created by: dark_angel_97 on 2004-09-01

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