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Phonetics Chap 1 Word Scramble


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Phonetics Chap 1

What are the branches of phonetics historical, acoustic, physiological, perceptual, experimental, clinical
historical phonetics the study of sound changes in words over time word pronunciation changes
physiological phonetics study of the function of the speech organs during the process of speaking understand the process of speech production via the role of the individual speech organs like lips, tongue and teeth
acoustic phonetics focus on the differences in frequency, intensity and duration of consonants and vowels allows listeners to perceive how sounds, syllables, and words differ from one another
perceptual phonetics study of a listener's psychoacoustic response (perception) of speech sounds in terms of loudness, pitch, perceived length, and quality
experimental phonetics the laboratory study of physiological acoustic and perceptual phonetics lab equipment is used to measure attributes of the speech organs during speech production as well as to measure the acoustic characteristics of speech
clinical phonetics the study and transcription of aberrant speech behaviors (those that vary from what is considered to be normal speech) disordered speech may be found in adults and children who have experienced a hearing impairment, fluency disorder, head trauma, stroke, or phonological (speech sound) disorder
phonology the systematic organization of speech sounds in the production of language
what is the difference between phonetics and phonology phonetics:speech sounds, acoustic & perceptual characteristics produced by speech organs not how they're used in language. Phonology:linguistic (phonological) rules to specify how speech sounds are organized & combined to form syllables, words & sentences
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
Phonetics the study of the production and perception of speech sounds
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