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CM EM GU Word Scramble


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CM Emerg Med

Oliguria = output <400 cc/day (or 0.5-1.0 cc/kg/hr)
Pre-renal ARF: ineffective circulating volumes; may be due to: Sepsis (early); Anaphylaxis; 3rd space sequestration (pancreatitis, peritonitis, ischemic bowel)
Renal ARF: glomerular causes Post-infective glomerulonephritis (GAS, after 1-3 wks; pneumococcus, staph); SLE; Vasculitis; H-S purpura
Renal ARF: vascular causes Thrombosis; TTP/ DIC; NSAID OD; Severe HTN; HUS
Renal ARF: tx LD dopamine; Mannitol in early rhabdomyolysis; Dialysis
UTI tx Sulfonamides; FQ; Nitrofurantion (safe in pregnancy); usu 3 days; 7 days if: Pyelonephritis; PG; complicated, frequent UTIs / Prior tx failure
UTI: cx if: Pyelonephritis; Resistant or recurrent UTIs; Men
90% of stones are: radiopaque
Calcium oxalate or phosphate stones 75%; occasionally with chronic hypercalcemia (hyperparathyroidism)
Magnesium – ammonium – phosphate (struvite) stones 15%; secondary to recurrent infection (urease producing bacteria)
Uric Acid / cystine stones History of gout
Stones: DDx AAA; Appendicitis; Tuboovarian Abscess (TOA); Ectopic Pregnancy
Urolithiasis: dx imaging noncontrast CT (high sensitivity); US (hydronephrosis; good for PG); KUB (less specific)
Urolithiasis admit criteria Infection / Sepsis; Complete Obstruction; Deteriorating renal fn; Intractable N/V; Solitary kidney; Very large or proximal stones
Epidydimitis has a _______ onset gradual
Spermatocele Asx; separate from & superior to testicle; aspiration: white cloudy fluid
Testicular tumor firm, nontender mass; does not transilluminate
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