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chsmorganch3 Word Scramble


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What does Mesopotamia mean? land between rivers
Who were the people who settled in Mesopotamia? Sumerians
What are the two rivers surrounding Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
When the rivers flooded what did they leave? levees
What was the chief crop? Barley
What did they make bricks from?/ mud and reeds
what was the greatest city of Sumer? Ur
What surrounded a city-state? farmland
What class lived in in the center of the city? upper class
What was in the center of a city? Ziggurat
What would they have disputes over? boundary lines
Only who could enter the chiefs home? preists
What was around the Ziggurat? courts
What were the forces of nature viewed as? Gods
What did the gods make to be servants? Humans
Who went to school? rich sons
What did the rich sons become? scribes
What is cuneiform? writing made up of wedge shaped markings
What were humans on Earth for? To serve the gods
Created by: mwilson2 on 2009-10-21

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