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The American Journey Word Scramble


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The American Journey

"DMS" The American Journey Ch.16.5

entrenched set up in a strong position - on a number of hills
total war the March to Savannah, Georgia by Sherman was an example of moving across the south and destroying railroad lines, killing animals, and anything else useful for the South (after Savannah, Sherman did the same through S. Carolina)
Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia won by Lee even though Ambrose Burnside has a larger army because Lee's army was entrenched
Joseph Hooker when Burnside resigned because of his failure at Fredericksburg this man was appointed to take his place
Battle at Chancellorsville, Virginia Lee won but Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was shot by his own men in the arm and died from the wound
Gettysburg Lee attacks in VA; Lincoln replaces Hooker with George Meade; Lee's last attempt to win was led by Goeorge Pickett; Battle was won my the Union - one turning point in the war
Battle at Vicksburg Mississippi a Union win by Grant - purpose was to have control of the Mississippi River and cut off part of the Conferacy from itself - a second turning point in the war
Gettysburg Address Lincoln expresses what the war had come to mean
William Tecumseh Sherman along with Grant wond a victory in Tennessee - continued attacks across the South to Georgia
Ulysses S. Grant willing to attack hard - used strategies to attack all fronts with Sherman attacking across the South, an attack in Petersburg (a railroad center), attack from the Army of the Potomac, attack from Farragut into Mobile Bay, Alabama;
Appomattox Court House place of Lee's surrendar to Grant in Richmond, Virginia
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