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Rethoric Word Scramble


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for studying rethoric

What is IM PATSE? Main Idea, Point, Audience, Tone, Strategie, effect.
What is imagery? When the writer writes a picture in sentences.
What is a Tone ? the narrator’s or speaker’s attitude toward the subject and can also include the author’s attitude toward the audience. Think of it as the psychological quality of the words, the “Where (is the author coming from)?” of an essay.
What is a Strategie in writing? the various techniques and strategies the author employs. Think of this as the “how” of an essay.
Who can be an audience? the specific receiver(s) of the message. Think of this as the “who” of an essay.
What is the Purpose? to tell a story (narration), to explain (exposition), to describe (description), to defend/support/qualify (argumentation), to move the audience to do something (persuasion). Think of this as the “why” of an essay.
What id the Main Idea? the specific topic or subject. Think of this as the “what” of an essay.
Whagt is the effect? the specific impact that the author wants to have on the reader. • isolated or one-off (one specific word, phrase, or sentence) • cumulative (a pattern which adds up to a particular response).
Created by: Alessya K on 2009-09-07

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