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Studyhelper #3 Word Scramble


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Studyhelper #3

Studyhelper #3 Eastern or Other Modalities

Where does the Lung Meridian end? Base of thumb nail
Where does the Heart Meridian End? The little finger
What taste goes with the Spleen? Sweet
What organs are consider YIN? Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys
The Stomach's YIN-YANG relationship to another organ is? Spleen
What is the longest main meridian on the back? Bladder Meridian
Where is the Governing Vessel? Back-Runs up the Spine
If a client complains of dry eyes & blurry vision, what meridian is out of balance? LIVER
What is the color and organ related to the 4th Chakra? HEART & GREEN
What color is the Chakra for the Thyroid? SKY BLUE
What Chakra is yellow? The 3rd Chakra-Solar Plexus
The conception vessel originates? PERINEUM
The stomach meridian in relation to the body runs in what direction? DOWNWARD
What Chakra is located at the naval area? The 2nd Chakra Orange-related to our sexual drive & emotions
What Chakra deals with self-realization,wisdom,understanding & enlightenment. Where is it located & what color is it? 7th Chakra, located at top of head is white
What Chakra refers to creativity, communication *& self-identification. The 5th Chakra is Blue
What is the color of the root Chakra and what does it deal with and where is it? The base of spine, is red and deals with human potential, primitive energy, basic survival needs and our foundations
Which Chakra is between the eyebrows (third eye) and is related to mind, intuition & heightened self-awareness? Sixth Chakra-Violet
The stomach meridian begins where? EYE
In acupressure what are the gateways to the meridians? Pressure Points
In Ayurveda what are the three Doshas? VATA, PITTA, KAPHA
Which non-western concept would most likely correlate to the endocrine system? CHAKRAS
What unit of measurement is used to locate acupressure points? KUN
What are the channels of energy that flow up and down the body with relation to internal organs? MERIDIANS
What is the meridian or vessel that is located on the ventral aspect of the mid-saggital plane? Central Vessel
Which meridian is most related to resistance to mental stress? KIDNEY
In the 5-element theory the earth element consists of what YIN component? SPLEEN
Kyo & Jitsu are diagnosed thru papation of the hara through what systems. Shiatsu
To what are Marma's similiar? Acupuncture points
What would be a common aspect of the Eastern and Traditional methods? Points of body used for therapeutic purposes
A client is intersted in traditional Eastern forms of bodywork. They enjoy the use of oils and seem to concentrate tension around the joints. To which system of bodywork would you refer them? Ayurvedic Massage
A client is experiencing excessive mucous production in both respiratory track & lg intestine with occasional morning diahrhea and cry easily. Which one of the 5 elements might be relecting an imbalance? Metal
Meditation practices that make use of touching a thumb and fingers topgether are stimulating the primary? Somato Sensory area of the Parietal Lobe
Aromatherapy stimulates which type of receptors? CHEMORECEPTORS
Our physical and energetic core of the body is called? Hara
Where we concentrate our awareness? Energy flows
If you are tense during energy work? Energy flow is stopped
With what approach is Randolph Stone credited with? Polarity
In what Therapy system does each of the fingers & toes carry a positive & negative approach Polarity
What is the therapeutic application of Cryotherapy? ICE
What is the system that used various forms of positioning as prescribed by Dr. Lawrence Jones and Dr Arthur Lincoln Polls? Orthobiotomy
What is the name of the protective Qi controlled by the lungs? Zong Qi
What organs are considered Yang? Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Stomach, Bladder
What does the upper burner regulate? Respiraton
Where does the spleen meridian begin? Big Toe
With what feature is the heart meridian associated? Tongue
Which direction does the governing vessel run? Upward
According to oriental bodywork there are how many major meridians? 12
Which organs are asociated with the water element? Yin-KIdneys Yang-Bladder
Which organs are associated with the metal element? Lungs & Large Intestine
What accupressure point would you use on the lung meridian to effect the stomach ? L10 lung channel relates to the stomach.
What part of the body is yang? Upper part
What part of the body is yin? Lower part
What organ is paired with the stomach? Spleen
what organ is related to metal? Lung/Large intestine
What meridian is most commonly used for headaches? L14
In ayurvedic practices The body and mind can NOT be separated.
Where does the bladder meridian start Inner canthus of eye
What are the five elements? Wood, Metal, Water, Fire, Earth.
Are yin and yang in a constant state of change? Yes
Stomach 7A-9A
Spleen 9A-11A
Heart 11A-1P
Small intestine 1P-3P
Bladder 3P-5P
Kidney 5P-7P
Pericardium 7P-9P
Triple -burner 9P-11P
Gallbladder 11P-1A
liver 1A-3A
Lung 3A-5A
large intertine 5A-7A
Created by: Studyhelper on 2005-01-24

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