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AR Plant Science U1 Word Scramble


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AR Plant Science U1

AR Plant Science Unit 1

the science, theory, and practice of field crop production; may include soil science agronomy
an FFA activity to promote and recognize students as they develop skills related to employment in the agricultural industry Career Development Event (CDE)
a cultivated plant that has specific and distinguishable characteristics; written in single quotes cultivar
the production of trees and manufacture of wood products forestry
a closely related and definable group of plants comprising of one or more species genus
production and use of plants for personal appeal or food horticulture
is the study of the structure, functions, growth, and protection of plants; usually includes three areas: field crops, horticultural crops, and forestry. plant science
the basic unit in the classification system whose members have similar structure, common ancestors, and maintain their characteristics; subgroup of genus species
a subdivision of a species; it has various inheritable characteristics of form and structure that are continued through both sexual and asexual propagation variety
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