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Name Description Category Created User Cards Stars
Points: Ht, SI Heart and SI w/ traditional function Acupuncture 2009-07-31 tybo 11 0 edit
Points: UB UB Points w/ traditional Functions Acupuncture 2009-07-31 tybo 28 0 edit
Points: P, TW, Lv Pericardium, Liver, San Jiao w/ traditional functions Acupuncture 2009-07-31 tybo 20 0 edit
Points: GB, Lv Gallbladder and Liver w/ traditional functions Acupuncture 2009-07-31 tybo 14 0 edit
Tongue Body Tongue Acupuncture 2009-08-09 tybo 56 4 edit
Tongue Body Color Tongue Body Color Acupuncture 2009-08-09 tybo 25 5 edit
Tongue Coating Tongue Coats according to Giovanni Acupuncture 2009-08-09 tybo 51 6 edit

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