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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Describe exogenous stains?   exogenous stains originate outside the tooth in respose to everioment agent  
Describe intrinsic satains?   intrinsic stains are those that are caused by an everiomental source bats cannot be remove because the stains has became incorforate  
What are the most common extrinsic stains?   are those stains that apperon the exterior as the tooth and can be removed.  
How do endogeneous stains originate?   endogeneous stains originate within the tooth us a results us a result us develomet and systemic disturbance  
What is the purpose of preventive destristy?   is to help people of all ages attain optimal oral health throught their live  
Describe coronal polishing?   is a technique that is used to remove plaque and stains from the epronal surface of the teeth.polishing the crowns of teeth is cosidered to be primarily acosmetic procedur however a smooth tooth surface is less likely to retain plaque,calculus and stain.  
Who can legally performe coronal polishing? under which supervision?   dental assistants EFDAs  
What is the function of the air polishing technique? How used   the air-powder poloshing technique uses a specially designed handpiece with a nozzle that deliver a high pressure stream of warm water and sodium bicarbonate. powder and water remove stains rapidly and effiently  
Purpose of bristle brushes?   brushes are not recomended for use on exposed cementum or dentin because these surface are soft and are easily grooved  
Main ingredient in disclosing agents?   is a harmless erythrosine dye  
function of disclosing agents?   coronal poloshing is the removal of plaque and extrinsic stains. It is importants for the operator to see the location of the plaque  
Prevention of spreading bacteria to infant?   brushing the teeth is an excellent way to introduce infants and toddlers to dental care  
Describe cariogenic?   any food that that contains suggar or other carbohydrates that can be metabolied by bacteria in plaque is describe as cariogenic  
Function of an oral irrigation device?   helps to reduce bacterial levels in subgingival and interproximal areas. using on oral irrigator as part of an oral hygiene program can benefit probe with gingivitis,implants, orthodontic appliance  
Advantages of a soft bristled tooth brush?   are made from natural or synthetic materials and may be used to remove satains from the deep pits and fissures of enamel surfaces.  
List examples of endogeneous stains?   include those caused by an excessive amount of fluoride during formation of the tooth another example of an endogenous stain would be that resulting from medications forem by the mother or the child during tooth develoment.  
Describe plaque?   is a soft mass of bacterial deposits that covers tooth surfaces.  
Describe selective polishing?   is a procedure in which only those teeth or surfaces with satain are polished  
What is a fulcrum? How is it used?   fulcramand ingerrest are used interchange ably to describe the placement of the third, or ring fringer or the band wich holds the instrumentor hanp  
Describe acquired pellicle?   Thin clear film sometimes stained,comes from the saliva and fluid found in the gingival silci,forms with in minutes even after removal.  
Describe material alba?   soft deposit whose composition is similar to that of paque,living and dead microorganism food debris,cells and protein can be easily removed with vigorious.  
Describe rubber cup polishing?   the most common rechnique for removing stains and plaque and for polishing the teeth is the use of an abrasive polishing agent in a rubber polishing cup that is rotated slowly and carefully by a prophy angle attached to the slow-sped handpiece  
Sterilization process of polishing cup?   removing stains and plaque for polishing the teeth is the one of the abrasive polishing agent in a rubber  
Puporse of fine pumice?   Mildle abrasive;used for more persistent stains, such as tobacco stains.  
purpose of zirconium silicate?   used for cleaning and polishing tooth surfaces (this material is highly effective and does not abrade tooth enamel)  
Handpiece grasp used for coronal polishing? why?   proper grasp is important; if the grasp is not secure and cofortable,the weight and balance of the handpiece can caused coss of control,possibly resulting in hand and wrist fatigue  
sequence of procedure?   sequence is describe in procedure positions and fulcrums describe are for a righthanded operator  
Purpose of dental floss?   when plaque has been removed from proximal surfaces,the fluoride in the dentifrice used during brushing is able to reach the proximal surfaces for prevention of dental caries  
Describe oral prophylaxis;who can perfom?   cammonly known as a prophy or a cleaning, is the complete removal by calculus,debris,stain,and plaques from the teeth  
Indication for coronal polish?   Before place ment of dental sealants,Before placement of teh dental dam, Before cementation of orthodontic bands,Before expplications of acid etching solution on enamel  
Contraindication for coronal polish?   When no stains is present,sensitive teeth,newly eropted teeth,Patient who are athigh risk for dental caries,such as nursing bottel caries  
Describe polishing strokes?   if necesary so an stiff brushes in hot water to soften them,Apply a mild abrasive polishing agent to the brush and using a light-wiping stroke,spread the polishing  
Why provide antibiotic therapy?When?   can occur in the child when the mother is give tetracycline during the third trinaes ter of pregnaney, or when this agent is given in infancy or carly child hood  


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