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Chapter 1 Advancing Vacabulary Skills

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Detriment   Something that causes damage, harm, or loss  
Dexterous   Skillful in using the hands or body  
Discretion   Good judgment or tact in actions or speaking  
Facetious   Humorous; playfully joking  
Gregarious   Sociable; enjoying and seeking the company of others  
Optimum   Best possible; most favorable; most desirable  
Ostentatious   Meant to impress others; flashy  
Scrupulous   Careful about moral standards; conscientious  
Sensory   Having to do with seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling  
Vicarius   Experienced through the imagination; not experienced directly  


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Created by: chivan12