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Step2CS 2

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

components of MMSE   A&O, 3 things remember & have repeat, subtract 7 from 100 until 65, ask 3 things, show them pen, jacket, write command to follow, asked to write sentence, copy pentagon, 3step: take paper, fold, put on floor, say no ifs ands or buts, say pa, ta, ga  
how to remember parts MMSE   A&O, memory/concentration (3 items, serial 7s), things related to paper (ID pen, follow written command, write sentence, copy pentagon, 3 step comman), verbal (say no ifs/ands/buts, say pa/ta/ga)  
components of Neuro exam   MMSE, CN incl VA and fundo, motor strength, DTR, sensory (FT and PP), Coordination (F-N, H-S), Romberg, Gait  
components HEENT   PERRLA, EOMI, open mouth, LAD, thyroid  
components cardiac   JVD, carotid auscultation, feel for PMI, listen in 4 places and ask to hold breath, peripheral pulses  
components abd exam   insepct, auscultatex4, palpate incl Murphy's sign and rebound tenderness, percuss incl liver span  
components lung exam   inspect, palpate, auscultate incl e-a, percuss, fremitus **CVA tenderness  
what ask psyschosocial BATHE   background, how it's affecting, what's troubling most, how handling, empathy. Be sure assess suicide risk, ask abt social suport and affecting fxn  
what are components ROS   gen (fatigue, wgt, appetite, sleep), infxs, neuro, HEENT, CVS, pulm, GI, renal, GU, Heme, Skin, Musculo  
what ask for A&O part of MMSE   time: yr, season, month, day, date; location: state, county, city, hospital, floor  


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Created by: ehstephns