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port 90 verbs

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

comer   to eat  
conhecer   to know  
comprar   to buy  
ter   to have  
entender   to understand  
morar   to live  
precisar   to need  
trablhar   to work  
fazer   to do  
levantar   to wake  
prefirir   to prefer  
estudar   to study  
jogar   to play  
encontrar   to search  
aprender   to learn  
pensar   to think  
beijar   to kiss  
virar   to turn  
abrir   to open  
começar   to start  
amar   to love  
correr   to run  
conversar   to converse  
esperar   to wait  
escrever   to write  
chegar   to arrive  
iniciar   to initiate  
fechar   to close  
terminar   to finish  
crescer   to grow  
ajudar   to help  
pular   to jump  
guardar   to keep  
escutar   to listen  
vender   to sell  
parar   to stop  
contar   to tell  
viajar   to travel  
visitar   to visit  
pedir   to ask for  
quebrar   to break  
trazer   to bring  
telefonar   to telephone  
escolher   to choose  
sentir   to feel  
dar   to give  
ouvir   to hear  
sair   to go out  
casar   to wed  
receber   to receive  
enviar   to send  
tomar   to take  
andar   to walk  
limpar   to clean  
cozinhar   to cook  
dançar   to dance  
cair   to fall  
emprestar   to borrow  
olhar   to look  
pagar   to pay  
cantar   to sing  
existir   to exist  
assistir   to watch  
chorar   to cry  
dirigir   to drive  
voar   to fly  
esquecer   to forget  
sentar   to sit  
lavar   to wash  
cortar   to cut  
morrer   to die  
seguir   to follow  
perder   to lose  
acordar   to wake  
responder   to answer  
perguntar   to ask  
trancar   to lock  
preparar   to prepare  
reservar   to reserve  
deitar   to lie down  
nadar   to swim  
ganhar   to win  
explicar   to explain  
acostumar-se   to get used to  
vestir-se   to get dressed  
subir   to rise  
cair   to fall  
segurar   to hold  
custar   to cost  
alugar   to rent  


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Created by: usch64 on 2011-08-08

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