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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Bile   A digestive juice in the small intestine.  
Idiopathic   of unknown cause.  
Enzyme   Chemical to breakdown food for absorption.  
Diet   Deals with food taken into the mouth.  
Pharynx   Part of the digestive and respiratory systems that aid in preventing food from passing into the respiratory systems.  
Oral Hygiene   Health of the mouth.  
Esophogus   Muscular tube that conveys food from the larynx.  
cavity   A lesion or hole in the tooth.  
Subgingival   Below the gums.  
Hydrocolloid   Reversable final impression material.  
Metabolism   Process by which nutrients are put in the mouth.  
Ptyalin   Enzyme in saliva for digestion.  
Nutrition   process by which an individual uses food to meet the bodys needs.  
Glucose   the form of sugar found in the blood.  
Decalcification   the loss of calcium salts from the enamel- the first step in the decay process.  
elastomeric   another name for rubber base impression material.  
peristalsis   wave like muscle action of the intestine- that aids in digestion.  
digestion   process by breaking down ingested food into forms the body can use.  
dentifrices   aids for cleaning and polishing tooth surfaces.  
deglutition   the act of swallowing.  


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