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a way to study for my social studies test on early explorers

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What are the continents of the old world?   Europe, Africa, Asia  
What are the continents of the new world?   North and south America.  
what is a conquistador?   Spanish Conqueror.  
Who got credit for being the first person to reach the Americas?   Columbus.  
What was the Columbian Exchange?   An exchange between the old world and the new world trading animals, plants, goods, ideas, and diseases.  
Why did Spain want to come to the new world?   Gold, God, and Glory (and partly land, but mostly the 3 gs)  
Who conqured the Aztecs?   Cortes  
Who conqured the Incas?   Pizzaro  
What was Ponce de Leon searching for?   The fountain of youth. (but instead he found Florida.)  
What was Coronado looking for?   The city of gold.  
Where did the people of spain settle/explor?   Floirida, Southwest area of U.S, mexico, left edge of south america.  
What was Spain's relationship with the natives?   not good; they defeated them in war and used them as slaves.  
What were the 3 types of settlements they Spanish had, and what were there main purposes?   1) missions-- used for religious purposes 2) presidos-- used for military purposes 3)pueblos-- used just as like towns  
Why did the french (and neitherlands)come?   north west passage, trading, and religion (only for french)  
did the french and neitherlands get along with the indians?   yes, they were allies, they traded with them, and the french lived among them  
Where did the french settle?   canada and lousiana  
where did the neitherlands settle?   new amsterdam (modern day manhattan island)  
who was peter minuit?   father of the neitherlands  
who was the man who names lousiana after king?   robert de lasalle  
why did england come?   new land and religious freedom.  
who left roanoke and came back 3 years later (due to war)   john white  
who was the hero of jamestown   john smith  
why did jamestown fail   malaria and swampy areas. and too much gold search.  


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Created by: hibckay27 on 2010-11-03

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