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The Political Development of Imperial China

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Dynasty   A line of rulers from the same family.  
Government by foreigners   A government in which people from another country is in charge of the country.  
Bureaucracy   A body of workers/leaders in a government with different levels of authority.  
Mandate of Heaven   According to Chinese beliefs, Heaven selected an emperor to rule China. Natural disasters are signs that an emperor and his dynasty has lost Heaven's blessing.  
Meritocracy   Rule by officials of proven merit, or skill.  
Kublai Khan   The first Mongol emperor of China. Established the Yuan dynasty.  
Civil Service Exams   A test given to qualify candidates for positions in the government.  
Aristocracy   Rule by wealthy landowners.  
Dynasty   A family of rulers.  
Scholar-officials   Men that prove they have skill and ability by passing the civil service exam, and are given a position in the government.  
Confucius   A famous Chinese philosopher that believed that anyone with the ability and knowledge should have a position in government.  


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