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7-5 Petersen: Unit 5 Ch.14-15 (Russia and the Eurasian Republics)

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

partly dry grassland often found on the edges of a desert   steppe see website: http://www.blossomingdesign.com/port/biomes/grasslandMain.html  
vast(huge)treeless plain in high latitude (66.5 to 90 N or S Lat.- arctic/polar regions)climates in which the top few inches of ground thaw in the summer   tundra  
permanently frozen lower layers of soil in the tundra in subartic(next to the artic) regions   permafrost  
name for emperor(king)in ancient Russian times   czars  
farm laborer(worker) who can be bought and sold along with the land   serfs  
country that has changed its economy to manufacturing/business & less agriculture-farming & ranching   industrialize  
country whose type of government has strong control over the economy and society-the government controls people   communist state  
period(era/time)after WWII between the 1948s & late 1980s when the United States and Soviet Union(Soviets/USSR)competed for world influence(power)w/o actually fighting-they used treats of nuclear war   Cold War  
Soviet (USSR) policy that loosened government controls and limited its government to move to free enterprise- 'restored power to the people'   perestroika  
economic system (matches with a deomocrate/republic type of government)in which people start and run businesses with limited(little) government intervention (people own business, not the government)   free enterprise system  
the freedom to express opinion about the government in Russia after 1991 fall of USSR   glasnost  
the people (not the government) decide what goods and services to produce, how to produce them, and who will buy them   free market economy  
the production of goods such as machinery, mining equipments, and steel   heavy industry  
the production of consumer goods such as clothing, shoe, furniture, and household objects   light industry  
energy from 'controlled' atomic reactions   nuclear energy  
number of years than an average person is expected to live   life expectancy  
a type government which is ruled with consent of citizens (people control the government,the gov. doesn't control the people--freedom to elect and not re-elect representatives)   democracy  
power is shared between national and state goverments(Oklahoma State gov.& U.S. gov.)   federal republic  
the group that controls the wealth and power(has the $$ or can get the $$),though NOT ALWAYS the largest group in numbers   majority groups  
group of people who are different in some characteristics compared to the majority group   minority groups  
products grown FOR SALE TO MAKE A PROFIT as exports   cash crops  
cracks in the earth's crust   faults  
huge forests of evergreen trees that grow in subartic regions(NEXT to the arctic-high latitudes 66.5 to 90 N or S)   taiga  
people who move from place to place, commonly with herds of animals   nomads  
fertile or green area in the desert watered by an underground spring   oasis  
height above sea level (begins with e vs. an a; as in altitude)   elevation  
reffering to a country with two main languages   bilingual  


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Created by: petersen123