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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

How did the assembly line improve Henry Ford's Model T?   He made more cars for less; workers got paid $5.00  
How did the car change life in the US   1. created new jobs2. Farmers carried crops to market3. Helped to get roads improved  
Romantic dramas thatwere often paid for by soap companies were called?   Soap Operas  
What failed because police had little success stopping bootleggers   Prohibition  
What was Jacob lawarence known for?   African american life and history  
How did the radio make athletes popular in the 1920's   Listen to games on radio  
During the1920's woemen moved from factory to work in the?   Office  
Why did farmers have difficulty paying off debts?   Crop prices dropped  
Stock prices fell and many investors sold their stock duringg what?   the Great Depression  
People who moved from one place to another to harvest crops were called?   Migrant workders  
What part of the New Deal provided monthly payments to the elderly, disabbled, and enemployed?   Social Security  
Which amendment outlawed the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages   The 18th  
A rapid rise in prices is called   tarriffs  
Which president established governement programs to help the country during the Great Depression   Hoover  
What were the 3 causes of the Great Depression   1. Stock market crash2. banks closed-people owed money3. high rarriff  
Many children quit school to help their families during what?   The Great Depression  
Many people became what as an effect of the Dust Bowl   Homeless,migrannt  
Who wrote about the hardships faced by migrant workers   Jon Steinbeck  
What is complete ban on the sale of alcohol?   prohibition  
The condition of being out of work is called   unemployed  
What musical form is influencec by African American musical traditions   Jazz  
A long period without rain is called a   drought  
whod wasthe first person to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean   Amelia Earheart  
Who was nicknamed "Satchmo" and was afamous jazz musician   Louis Armstrong  
Whatis it called whe you borrow money   loan  
the period when African Americans used writig jazz, painting to share their ideas   the Jazz Age  
The 1st women to fly across the atlantic   Amelia Earhart  
High winds that scattered the soil in the Great Plains was called   The Dust Bowl  
Who built the 1st Model T?   Henry Ford  


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