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dog woman

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

retribution   (n)- revenge; punishment  
diminish   (v)- decrease; taper off; dwindle  
apathetic   (adj)- lacking interest  
fugitive   (n)- one who escapes or flees  
ample   (adj)- plentiful; more then enough  
insinuate   (v)- to hint at without acctually saying  
laden   (adj)- loaded down  
hypothetical   (adj)- based apon sepposition  
ponder   (v)- to think  
rescind   (v)- to take back  
ebony   (adj)- dark; black  
sage   (n)- wise person  
repugnant   (adj)- offencive  
reproach   (v)- to blame  
omnipotent   (adj)- almighty; all powerful  
meticulous   (adj)- careful of small details  
irascible   (adj)- easily angered  
baffoon   (n) a clown; a person who acts like a clown  
garner   (v)- to gather or collect  
saunder   (v)- to waste  


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