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DA 141

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

performs the specific function of the instrument   working end  
locking or non locking   cotton pliers  
removes carious material or debris from cavity prep   spoon excavator  
used to measure depth of the gingival sulcus   perioprobe  
can only be plastic or anodized metal   composite instrument  
carries amalgam to the prepartaion   amalgam carrier  
plugs or packes amalgam into the prep   condenser  
removes excess restorative material   carvers  
acorn is also known as   anatomical  
latch types burs are used in which handpiece   contra angle  
RA stands for right angle and is also known as contra angle   true  
What does FG stand for   friction grip  
FG are only used in the highspeed handpiece   true  
what are diamond burs used for   rapid reduction of tooth  
557L is common for which procedure   surgical  
Laboratory burs are also know as   acrylic burs  
what does a sand paper disc attach to   mandrel  
water is sprayed on the tooth to prevent   frictional heat  
the foot control for a handpiece is called   rheostat  
color coding system is used for   identifying procedure tray setups  


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Created by: hthompsonrda