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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Thin (pale body)   Blood deficiency  
Thin (red body)   Yin deficiency  
Swollen, Pale and Wet   Spleen and Kidney Yang Xu  
Swollen-pale-wet + sticky coating   Retention of dampness and/or phlegm w/ Spleen deficiency  
Swollen, Normal Color   Damp-heat in the Stomach and Spleen  
Swollen, Fresh-looking red   Heat in Stomach and Heart  
Swollen, Purple   Alcohol toxin  
Swollen, dark bluish purple   Poisoning causing blood stasis  
Swollen edges   Spleen qi deficiency  
Swollen sites   Ascendant liver yang or liver fire  
Swollen tip, red body   Heart fire blazing  
Swollen tip, normal color   Heart qi deficiency  
Half swollen   weakness of the channels  
Partly swollen on one side   deficiency or stagnation of qi in the chest  
Half surface swollen   Lung qi deficiency  
Stiff, red or dark-red body   Exterior heat invading the pericardium  
Stiff, red body   Heat injuring the fluids  
Stiff, Red tip   Heart fire blazing  
Stiff, normal color   Internal wind  
Flaccid, pale body   Exhausted qi and blood  
Flaccid, red body   Extreme heat injuring fluids  
Flaccid, deep red body   Kidney yin deficiency w/ heat  
Long, slender   Heart, usually heart fire  
Long, swollen and redder tongue tip   Phlegm fire in the heart  
Short, pale body   Spleen yang def., internal cold  
Short, red body   Heart gen. Liver Wind  
Short, red body w/ coating   Insufficiency fluids due to heat from excess  
Short, red body w/o coating   Deficiency heat  
Short, pale body, slippery coating   Spleen yang def. W/ dampness and phlegm  
Horizontal cracks   Yin deficiency  
Cracks like ice floes   Yin deficiency from aging  
Irregular cracks   Stomach yin deficiency  
Transverse cracks on sides   Spleen qi deficiency  
Vertical cracks in center   Heart yin def., or blazing heart fire  
Transverse cracks behind the tip   Lung yin deficiency  
Very deep central crack with other small cracks   Kidney yin deficiency w/ heat  
Loose, red body   Interior excess heat  
Loose, red body, slippery coating   Phlegm fire affecting the heart  
Loose, pale body   Heart qi deficiency  
Numb, pale body   Heart Blood def  
Numb, red or normal color   Liver wind  
Numb, slippery coating   Wind-phlegm  
Moving, red body   Heart fire and internal wind  
Moving, red + dry body   Spleen heat w/ exhaustion of fluids  
Quivering, pale body   Spleen qi deficiency  
Quivering, red body   Extreme heat generating wind  
Quivering, pale, thin, flaccid   Collapse of yang  
Quivering, pale body, aphasia   Collapse of Heart and Spleen qi  
Tip rolled over   Heat from excess  
Tip rolled under   Head from deficiency  
Tooth-marked   Spleen qi deficiency  
Ulcerated, red body   Heart fire blazing  
Ulcerated, red, peeled body   Heart heat from kidney yin def  
Ulcerated underneath, red body   Spleen and Kidney heat  
Covered in sores, red body   Heat toxin in Heart channel  
Covered in sores, red and peeled   Deficiency heat  


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Created by: tybo