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Hibernal - Imbue

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Hibernal   wintry  
Hibernate   to sleep throughout the winter  
Hierarchy   arrangement by rank or standing; authoritarian body divided into ranks  
Hieroglyphic   picture writing  
Hilarity   cheerfulness; boisterous gaiety  
Hindmost   furthest behind  
Hindrance   block; obstacle  
Hinterlands   back country  
Hireling   one who serves for hire  
Hirsute   hairy  
Histrionic   theatrical  
Hoard   to stockpile; accumulate for future use  
Hoary   white with age  
Hoax   a trick; a practical joke  
Holocaust   a great destruction by fire  
Holster   pistol case  
Homage   honor; tribute  
Homeostasis   tendency of a system to maintain relative stavility  
Homespun   domestic; made at home  
Homily   sermon; serious warning  
Homogeneous   of the same kind  
Hone   to sharpen  
Hoodwink   to deceive; to delude  
Horde   a crowd  
Hortatory   encouraging; exhorting  
Horticultural   pertaining to cultivation of gardens  
Hostility   unfriendliness; hatred  
Hovel   a shack; a small, wretched house  
Hover   to hang about; to wait nearby  
Hubbub   confused uproar  
Hubris   arrogance; excessive self  
Hue   color; aspect  
Hue and cry   outcry  
Humane   marked by kindness or consideration  
Humdrum   dull; monotonous  
Humid   damp  
Humility   humbleness of spirit  
Hummock   small hill  
Humus   substance formed by decaying vegetable matter  
Hurtle   to crash; to rush  
Husband   to use sparingly; to conserve; to save <Marathon runners must husband their energy so that they can keep going for the entire distance.>  
Husbandry   frugality; thrift; agriculture  
Hybrid   mongrel; mixed breed  
Hydrophobia   fear of water; rabies  
Hyperbole   exaggeration; overstatement  
Hypercritical   excessively exacting  
Hypochondriac   person unduly worried about his health; worrier without cause about illness  
Hypocritical   pretending to be virtuous; deceiving  
Hypothetical   based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed  
Ichthyology   study of fish  
Icon   religious image; idol  
Iconoclastic   attacking cherished traditions  
Ideology   system of ideas characteristic of a group of culture  
Idiom   expression whose meaning as a whole differs from the meanings of its individual words; distinctive style  
Idiosyncrasy   individual trait, usually odd in nature; eccentricity  
Idolatry   worship of idols; excessive admiration  
Idyllic   charmingly carefree; simple  
Igneous   produced by fire; volcanic  
Ignite   to kindle; to light  
Ignoble   unworthy; not noble  
Ignominy   deep disgrace; shame or dishonor  
Illicit   illegal  
Illimitable   infinite  
Illuminate   to brighten; to clear up or make understandable; enlighten  
Illusion   misleading vision  
Illusive   deceiving  
Illusory   deceptive; not real  
Imbalance   lack of balance or symmetry  
Imbecility   weakness of mind  
Imbibe   to drink in  
Imbroglio   complicated situation; painful or complex misunderstanding; entanglement; confused mass (as of papers)  
Imbue   to saturate, fill  


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Created by: triwaingle