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WGU Visual Arts Painters

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Botticello   Renaissance  
Durer   Renaissance  
da Vinci   Renaissance  
Michealangelo   Renaissance  
Raphael   Renaissance  
Donattello   Renaissance  
Giovanni   Renaissance  
Rembrandt   Broque  
Vermeer   Broque  
Rubens   Brouqe  
Bivaldi   Broque  
Bach   Broque  
Pannini   Roccoco  
Jacques - Louis - David   Rococo  
Jacques - Louis - David   Neoclassicism  
BeaUmarchais   Rococo  
Mozart   Rococo  
Goya   Romantic  
Delacroix   Romantic  
Delaroche   Romantic  
Courbet   Romantic  
Garnier   Romantic  
Dickenson   Romantic  
Keats   Romantic  
Beethoven   Romantic  
Schubert   Romantic  
Schopin   Romantic  
Schuman   Romantic  
Tchaikovsky   Romantic  
Monet   Impressionism  
Manet   Impressionism  
Cassat   Impressionism  
Renoir   Impressionism  
Rodin   Impressionism, Post Impressionist  
Van Gogh   Impressionism  
Seurat   Impressionism  
Eakins   Impressionism  
Homer   Post Impressionist  
Cezanne   Post Impressionist  
Matisse   Post Impressionist  
Picasso   Post Impressionist  
Rousseau   Post Impressionist  
Modigliani   Post Impressionist  
Stravinsky   Post Impressionist  
Jazz   Post Impressionist  
Steiglitz   Post Impressionist  
Steichin   Post Impressionist  
Worhal   Modern  
Frank Gerry   Modern  
Armstrong   Modern  
Polick   Modern  
Ingres   Neoclassicism  


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