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terms unit 3

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

current that reverses its direction 60 times per second   Alternating Current (AC)  
using an electric arc to fuse metal   Arc welding  
mix of base metal and filler rod that remains after welding   Bead  
current that flows in one direction continuously   Direct Current (DC)  
a section of flux-coated wire used in welding   Electrode  
a substance used to remove the oxide on metal that is to be soldered or welded   Flux  
the union or blending of molten metal to form a strong bond   Fusion  
distance in a weld from the original surface of the base metal to that depth or point at which fusion ceases   Penetration  
the product formed when buring steel combines with oxygen   Slag  
joining two or more times by fusion   Weld  
a protective device worn on the head while arc welding to protect the eyes, skin, and other exposed parts from injury   Welding helmet  
the location of a weld relative to the location of the welding equipment, such as flat, vertical, horizontal, or overhead   Welding position  


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