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histo2 test 1

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

all components of the ______develop from the hypophysial (rathke) pouch   Adenohypophsis  
name the hormones described: A.causes contraction of unterine smooth m B.secretion is stimulated by an increase in blood osmolarity C.secreted by neuorons of the hypothalamus and target cells   a.oxytocin b.adh c.rf and irf  
what is the function of hypothalamic-hypophysial portal system   to make sure []of RF and IRF are high enough to stimulated target cells  
describe the struc of least permeable capillary   continuous endlothelium layer w b.l.(occluding jxnts)  
compare a medium size artery with medium size vein   greater cross x area,less elastic,more collagen  
which vessels act as auxillary pumps during diastole   elastic arteries  
why is accumulation of fluid in the pericad cavity life threatening   bc fibrous layer doesnt stretch well, it puts pressure on the heart and it cant fill with blood  
what struc separates atrial m from ventricular m   cardiac skeleton  
what cytological characterstics of the purkinje cells are respons. for their rapid conduction rate   larger cells, lots intercalated disks,lots gap jxnt,glycogen  
what disease begisn in the t.intima of arteris and may cause aneurysm   atheroma  
what childhood disease may have complication which result in damage to mitral valve   rheumatic fever  
what is the normal funct.of bronchial smooth m   distribution of air  
exhalation at rest is produced by what 2 forces   elastic recoil and surfactant  
surfactant descreases surface tension at the surface of the alveolus. How does it aid respiration.   expands alveoli during inspiration,helps recoil during expiration,prevents collapse  
which cell population of the olfactory mucouse is capeable of producing new receptor cells   basal cells  
what cytological charatc. of the parietal cell reflect its major function   more mitchondria  
in which of the following cells of the digestive system correctly matched with their secretory product   B.undifferentiated cells of the small intestine secrete isotonic alkaline fluid (2-3liters a day)  
explain how sympth stimulation may promote the development of duodenal ulcers   decreases the release of alkaline mucous from the submucosal glands.the absent of this protective layer may lead to ulcers  
terminal digestion of most carbs and proteins is accomplished by   glycocalyx  
in HIRSHSPRUNGS disease>>>>>>>>>>>>cells are absent   ganglion  
name the hormone of the GI tract A.secretion of alkaline fluid B.section of digestive enzyme C.section of pepsinogen   A.secretin B.pancrozymic C.gastrin  
which of the following structure are present in small but absent in large intestine   villi and paneth cells  
which of the following are generally charact. of hepatocyte   form bile canaliculi, synthesize and secrete most plasma proteins  
destruction of hepatocytes and loss of their relation.with sinusoids ......bla bla   cirrosis  
how does the structure of elastic artery relate to its function   lots of elastic tissue to stretch and recoil during contraction and relaxation  
what struct. pierces the cardiac skeleton to provide the only means of communication between atria and ventricles   av bundle  
which spec cardial m is charact. by a large size,more gap jxnt and few myfibrils B.what implications does this structure have for the funciton of these cells   purkinje fibers B.inter disks for fast conduction speed  
consider the parietal pericardium. What charactersitcs make it non-distensible   dense fibrous outer layer  
give two important roles of elastic c.t.in airways of lung   keeps tubes open,passive expiration/recoil  
type II penumocyts secrete _____which causes >>>>>______   surfactant,alveoli to expand  
even though hepatocyte pop may regenrate, liver failure may still develop   new cells cant form connections with sinusoids  
give the two targets for pancrezymin and their responses   aciner cells-respond by secreting digestive enzyme..2..smooth m of the gall baldder emits bile into the digestive tract  
give two functions of the isotonic alkaline fluid secreted by the epithelium of the small intestine   increase fluidity during digestion and neutrlize acidic contents entering small intestine  
explain how autonomic stimulation of the submucosal duodenal glands may contribute to duodenal ulcers   reduce output of alkaline fluid  
how does the structure of the chief cell in the stomach relect its function   secretion of pepisinogen  
in general proteins and carbs are picked up in blood in the villi of small intestine and trans to the _______ via the ____-   liver,microvilli  
the breakdown of thryoglobulin to active hormones by   lysosomal enzymes  
what keeps bronchioles patent   elastic c.t.  
what forces produce exhalation at rest   elastic ????  
list the components of the blood air barrier in order A.alveolar macro B.basal lamine of endo C.basal lam of epi D c.t. elastic E c.t. reticular F.endo-continous G.endo-fenestrate H smooth m I.type ) pneumocyte J .type 2 pneumo   I,C,B,F ?????  
which layer is destroyed in ulcertive colities and what are the major sings of this cond   mucosa, diarrhea??  
cirrhosis may result in portal hypertension, why/   new cells cant connect with sinousoids  
what is the source of blood entering the hepatic sinusoids   hepatic a and portal veing  
give the stimulus for the secretion of antidiuertic hormone under normal cond   less bv and more blood osmolarity  
name the cells which secret releasing factors and give their location   neourson of hypothalamus  
name the hormones A.contibute to development of ovarion follicle its secrtion is inhibited by thyroid hormones   follicle sh,???  
which of the following is true of growth hormones   enhances the utilizatio of fats for energy and increase protein stores  
name the cells of GI mucousa :A.secrete isotonic alk fluid B.enzymes in the glycocalyx C. are highly acidophilic due to large number of mitochondira   undifferntiated,absorpitve,parietal  
in general, aneursyms and thromubs formation are consequences   atheroma  
give 2 major consequences of coronary a disease   angine,myocardial infarction  
what cytologic char of av node are related to slow conduction   smaller ,less ______  
describe the structure of the most permeable vessel   discountnous w basal lamina  
which type of artery controls the flow of blood to regions of the body   muscluar artery  
in the resp tree....hylaine cartilage from trachea to_______,elastic from trachea to ______   bronchi,alveolus  
what component of the bronchi is primarily responsible for directing air   smooth m  
which copd disease results in loss of elastic   emphysema  
epithelia metaplasia of distal esophagus is caused by   acid reflux--cells change to stomach like  
rectal colums are formed by   dialted venous plexuses  
what problems result from calcific valve disease of the aortic valve   impairs blood flow from left ventricle  
which blood vessel has greatest permiability   discountinous sinusoid  
what are the major comp of t.media of elastic a   alternating layer of smooth m and elastic tissue  
which blood vessel is important for maint normal arterial blood press   arteriole  
what producsts are secreted by the serous cells of the salivary glands   lactoferrin, igA,enzymes amilase  
live failure may include sympt of confusion.........distrubance of which of the liver major functions   >>>  
which cells of the gall baldder respond to cholecytokinin   smooth m for ejection  
consider the digestion of carbs. polysacch are broken down by _________and dissachrides are broken down by____________   digestive enzymes, glycocalys of absorptive cells of small intestine  
the internal anal sphincter is formed of   INNER CIRCULAR LAYER OF MUSCLULAR EXTERNA  
secretin stimulates ________in the bile duct and ______   alkaline fluid  
name one of the 3 major abnor of the heart valves   rheumatic valve disease  
why would an organ have continous capillaries with occluding jxnt   less permeability  
what is the major function of muscular /medium size a   supplies regions of the body  
besides being thinner, how does the myocardium of the atria differ from that of ventricles   more elastic fibers, ////add  
which copd disease abnornaml smooth m and large mucous glands   chronic bronchitis  
esophageal varices may result form ,,why   acid reflux, cause ulceration of the esophagus  
how does the absopritve cell of the small intestine contribue to the digestion of proteins   enzymes of glycocalyx  
most plasma cells are synthsized in   liver  
in the lactating mammary gland, oxytocin targets >>>>>>>>>>>>>and causes>>>>>>>>   myoepithelial,,,,ejction of milk  
in which receptor model does the hormone have a direct effect on the targt of DNA   mobile recepotor  
how does the structure of the lacteal relate to its function   discountinous sinosoid which allows for excreating of waste and return of nutrient in and out of the blood from liver  
in the heart, elastic tissue is an important component of the   parietal percardium  
painful red streaks radiating from a puncture wound would suggest inflammatio of   lymph nodes  
what type of capillary contributes to the blood-air barrier in lungs   type I pneumocyte  
give two major componnets of the bronchiolar walls   smooth m and elastic c.t. in a helical formation  
salive secreted from the parotid gland includes _______   igF  
descreibe the structure of hepatic sinusoid    
which of the following is NOT likely with decreased insulin levels?   starvation of the CNS, glucosuria???  
name the cells of digestive tract Isecrete isotonic alk fluid II.secrete igA III.secrete secretin IV.secrete protein cleaving enzymes V.secret hcl VI.contain bacteriaolyt enzymes VII.complete the terminal digestion of most carbs and protesin   A.absorptive cells of small inter B.chief cell of stomach C.endocrine cell of small intesteine. D.endocrin of stomach E.gallbladder epit F.hepatocytes G.pancretic acinar cells H.pancreatic duct I.parital cell of stomach J.serous cells of the salivary glan  
name the hormones A.neurons B.contract unterine smooth m C.infancy retard D.inhibits secretion of growth horm E.increase in blood calcium F.secrete by liver G.involved in the formation of vit D. H.parafollucular J.adenohyphysis   a.anti-diurectic and oxytocin b.oxytocin c.throid d.insulin and somatostatin e. parathyroid f.insluin g.parathyroid h.calcitonin i.growth  


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