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P/SAT Lesson 8

Lesson 8 by AP Strategies Vocab

acquiesce to give in, to comply
affinity a likeness, a natural relationship
blasphemous irreverent, profane
buttress a support or prop
circumspect careful to consider consequences, cautious, prudent
corroboration confirmation
deplete to use up gradually, to lessen in amount or value
despotic ruling oppressively and absolutely; tyrannical
emaciated very thin (usually as the result of starvation), wasting away
extraneous not essential or vital
fallow inactive, plowed but not sowed
homogenous of the same kind
hyperbole obvious exaggeration
incontrovertible indisputable
irascible irritable, easily angered, cranky, cross
laconic using a minimum of words; concise to the point of seeming rude
magnanimity having a lofty, generous, and courageous spirit
obsequious overy attentive, like a sycophant, servile
proliferation an increase in number, multiplication
scrupulous very principled, very careful and concsientious
sublime exalted, noble, uplifting
surreptitious secret, clandestine, stealthy
veracity devotion to the truth
zeal enthusiasm, fevor
empirical based on observation or experiment and not on theory
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