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About Tsarmina

A cute quiz all about your favorite author...right?

What are six things I just looooves doing? writing, reading drawing, eating, sleeping, cleaning my room
I read these two books waaay before they became popular. Percy Jackson and the Hunger Games
What do i think of One Direction? Booo...
I like orange ___, grape ____, pineapple ___, apple _____... JUICE!
I am an avid writer, illustrator, and also love making computer games using the latest technology, even if... I can't afford it. Bummer. :\
The first on my favorite books list: HARRY POTTER!
When I blog, I always sign my name at the bottom in what font? Monotype Corsiva
My "profile picture" is? a manga girl in blue
Created by: Tsarmina on 2012-08-24

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