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What is the Cell component that controls activites of the cell and facilitates cell division? Nucleus
Sewater is a __ solution Hypertonic
What is a decrease in cell size due to aging or disease called? atrophy
What are the two cylindrical orgnelles found near the nucleus of a cell in a tiny, round body called? centrioles
Anoxia is a decreased blood flow to cellular structures False
What is the structure that separtes a cell from its external environment and neighboring cells? Cell membrane
Is a fine network of tubular structures criscrossing the cellular cytoplasm. endoplasmic recticulum
Energry obtained from the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and protein molecules by enzymes is stored in a cell as a compound called? Adenosine triphospate
what is the clear, semifluid medium that fills the spaces around the chromatin and the nucleoli withing the nucleus? nucleoplasm
What is the orderly process by which cells intentionally die? apoptosis
Control of the flow of substances in and out of a cell is in the cell plasma membrane. True
Phagocytosis is cell eating; piocytosis is cell drinking. True
Diffusion,osmosis, and filtration are examples of __ transport passive
What is the first phase of mitosis called? resting stage: interphase
which stem cells are derived from a blastocyst stage of development? embryonic stem cells
DNA and protein are arranged in a loose and diffusse state called? Chromatin
is the process where substance are engulfed and then destroyed by digestive enzymes? phagocytosis
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